Kate Peterson had a boyfriend named Harry Styles but they broke up a year ago . Kate really loves Harry but Harry broke up with her. They were best friends since 4th grade believe it or not. Now theyre pretty much i say Frenemies. One day, they met AGAIN!. It has been a year since they broke up and they havent talk and havent met in a year now. Harry went to another country when they broke up but what would happen when they met again? Are they gonna get back together? or is everything gonna go worst than ever? lets find out....


3. The next day.

 The next day, Kate woke up. The sun was shining so bright. She had to go to work. She babysits this kid named Ariana who is in kindergarten. Kate took a quick shower then got changed eat breakfast brushed her teeth and went to work. Kate got to the house. Kate said to her boss " Hi Mrs. Steklenn." Mrs. Steklenn said " oh hi there Kate." Kate said " hi." . There was a moment of silence. Kate then said " so wheres Ariana?" Mrs. Steklenn looked confused. She said looking really confused " Ariana?." Kate said " yeah Ariana im suppose to babysit her today right?." Mrs. Steklenn said " oh no sweetheart ... today is Saturday you are not babysitting her today." Kate said ' Saturday?." Mrs. Steklenn said " yes today is Saturday." Kate said " I didnt know that." Mrs. Steklenn said " oh well you are not going to work today." Kate said " ok sorry about that." She said " its fine people make mistakes." Kate said thinking " Yes they do!." Kate walked out to the door. She was a bit embarrassed that she forgot what day it is maybe because she cant focus on everything when harry is on her mind. Kate sighed. She thought she could take a walk. She took a walk around the park. She felt the soft wind blowing her hair. She went and stood near this fountain. She remembered that this is where Harry and her used to hang out everyday when they were still together. She thought about all the happy memories. She sat down on this bench looking around. The birds were flying all around. She thought about the memory when Harry and her used to chase each other all around the park and then Harry always catch her on the waist and then she would slap harry on the hand and continue running... That was really cute.. Kate stood up then she walked getting ready to go just then she bumped into this boy who has curly hair. The boy's money got dropped. Kate helped him picked it up. She picked up the money and the boy picked up the money too. Just then their hands touched accidentally. They both looked at each other eye to eye. They couldnt believe who are they!...Kate was like a statue!

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