Kate Peterson had a boyfriend named Harry Styles but they broke up a year ago . Kate really loves Harry but Harry broke up with her. They were best friends since 4th grade believe it or not. Now theyre pretty much i say Frenemies. One day, they met AGAIN!. It has been a year since they broke up and they havent talk and havent met in a year now. Harry went to another country when they broke up but what would happen when they met again? Are they gonna get back together? or is everything gonna go worst than ever? lets find out....


4. The moment...

 Kate didnt say anything. She stood there staring at the boy's green eyes. The boy was so surprised. They were both gonna be a statue. There was a moment of silence. The boy said surprisingly " KATE?????!!!!!!!." Kate said shockingly " HARRY????????!!!!!!!!!!.". Harry said looking relieved " i cant believe we've met!." Kate said sighing " me neither." Harry said " look i've been waiting for this day to come." Kate said looking frustrating " why are you waiting for this day to come? to hurt me again? nuh-uh i dont think so." Harry said " no! i would never hurt you Kate. I am so sorry for everything. That was because i wanted to protect you against my ex gf." Kate said " i dont think so harry." Harry said " cmon lets go sit in the bench." Kate sat on the bench and harry did too. She didnt sit very close to Harry. She sat on the other end of the bench. Harry sat on the middle trying to get close to Kate. Kate doesnt want to. Kate is lying about not missing Harry but she did miss him and so relieved to see him but she wants Harry to force her to do everything so shes pretending thats shes mad at Harry. Harry said " look Kate i know your mad at me right now but that doesnt mean that we cant get along this time." Kate said " oh so youre telling me that you wanna get along this time? nuh-uh!!." Harry said " Nuh-uh!." Kate said " NUh-uh!.Harry said " Nuh-uh." Kate said " dont you nuh-uh me.!.". Kate showed harry his fist. Kate said " this will get you straightly!." Harry said " oh really? Show me baby!." Kate shook her head. Harry smiled. Harry moved a little closer to Kate. Kate moved at the very end of the bench. Harry moved more closer to Kate. Then Kate fell down. Kate said " ouch!!." Harry said " oh my gosh are you ok?. Looks like your butt hurts.. right baby?." Harry smiled cutely. Kate said ' stop calling me that and stop making fun of me you jerk!." Harry said " sorry i was trying to make you laugh." Kate said " well thats not even funnier enough!. Harry said " sorry." Kate said " youre the reason why i fell." harry said " how come i didnt do anything." Kate said " you kept moving and moving closer to me and its weird." Harry said " sorry." Harry yawned and tried to put his arms around Kate's shoulder. Kate said " get your hands off my shoulder!." harry said " you know everything." Kate said " oh so you think i dont know about the pretend-yawning-putting hands around a girls shoulders-trick.?" Harry whistled. Kate sighed.    

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