Kate Peterson had a boyfriend named Harry Styles but they broke up a year ago . Kate really loves Harry but Harry broke up with her. They were best friends since 4th grade believe it or not. Now theyre pretty much i say Frenemies. One day, they met AGAIN!. It has been a year since they broke up and they havent talk and havent met in a year now. Harry went to another country when they broke up but what would happen when they met again? Are they gonna get back together? or is everything gonna go worst than ever? lets find out....


2. The Letter..

 Carly looked at Kate. She said " Harry gave me this note for you but i guess i forgot to give it to you then." Kate said " you forgot!!! Carly you gotta start thinking there!." Carly gave Kate the letter for her from Harry. She read   it... the note says....


          Dear Kate,

                         im so sorry that i broke up with you... Its just that my ex girlfriend wanted to get back with me. I never wanted to but she knew you and she said she'll do anything to you if i dont get back with her... Im so sorry but this is for your safety and I really love you... Im really really really really really sorry Kate.. I'll miss you Love!...  





Kate cried. She cried and cried and cried. She couldnt believe that Harry broke up with her to make her safe. Harry is such a wonderful boyfriend. Kate didnt say anything...That letter was so emotional.





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