Kate Peterson had a boyfriend named Harry Styles but they broke up a year ago . Kate really loves Harry but Harry broke up with her. They were best friends since 4th grade believe it or not. Now theyre pretty much i say Frenemies. One day, they met AGAIN!. It has been a year since they broke up and they havent talk and havent met in a year now. Harry went to another country when they broke up but what would happen when they met again? Are they gonna get back together? or is everything gonna go worst than ever? lets find out....


6. Sweet

 They were still hugging.Kate said " Ok this is enough I gotta go." Harry said " ok see ya Kate Bear. Meet ya tomorrow here again?." Kate said " I dont know." Harry said " You have to go here." Kate said " I'll see what i can do.I gotta go." Harry said " ok then wheres your car?." Kate said " i dont have a car." Harry said " then how did you get here and how are you gonna go home?." Kate said " I walk."Harry said " WHAT? there is no way im letting my Kate Bear walked down the street into her house." Kate said " why not?." Harry said " because i dont want you to be tired." Kate shook her head. Harry said " cmon lets go!." Kate said " Go where?." Harry said " Go home." Kate said " Go Where??." Harry said " you are riding into my car with me and im taking you to your house.". Kate said " What? Seriously Harry?." Harry said " im serious.". Harry went to his car.He opened the car door for Kate. Kate said " thank you." Harry said " youre welcome." Then harry closed it. Then he got on the drivers seat and close it then drove off. It felt a bit weird inside the car when its just Kate and Harry inside. Kate was sitting on the front seat across from the drivers seat where harry is now. It felt real weird. Kate looked outside the window. Kate said " do you think you can opened the window? Its too hot." Harry said" sure." Harry opened the car windows. Harry said " so.. How is your life now?." Kate said" pretty good." Harry said " cool." Kate said " how was yours?." Harry said " awesome." Kate said " thats good enough to hear." Harry nodded. Kate said " you know what i dont think this is a good idea." Harry said " whats not a good idea?." Kate said " you taking me to my house." Harry said" yeah whats wrong with that?." Kate said " well you havent really found out everything after we broke up." Harry said " oh then what are you trying to say?." Kate said " im trying to say that after we broke up my parents were a little i dont know MAD at you." Harry said " WHAT? Mr. and Mrs. Peterson are mad at me.. what!!!." Kate said " yeah..." HArry said " what am i gonna do? Kate said " I dont know harry... i told you to not start it in the first place but you did." Harry said " well... sorry if i didnt listen to you Kate Bear." Harry was kinda shaking. He was kinda turning a little reddish. Kate asked " are you ok harry?." Harry said " for the truth No." Kate said " oh its fine i can walk now thank you." Harry said " wait no! this is what i have done and im going to face this." Kate said " ok harry."  

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