Kate Peterson had a boyfriend named Harry Styles but they broke up a year ago . Kate really loves Harry but Harry broke up with her. They were best friends since 4th grade believe it or not. Now theyre pretty much i say Frenemies. One day, they met AGAIN!. It has been a year since they broke up and they havent talk and havent met in a year now. Harry went to another country when they broke up but what would happen when they met again? Are they gonna get back together? or is everything gonna go worst than ever? lets find out....


5. cute feelings...

 Kate said " so...arent you gonna go now to your little love ?." Harry said " oh no shes right here." . Kate looked around. She said " where?." Harry said " oh silly shes right here." Kate said " right here where?." harry said " its you!." Kate was surprised to hear that. Kate said " oh WHAT?." Harry said " it is you." Kate said " how can you say that? after you broke up with me?! and now youre expecting me to give you another chance?? i dont think so Harry!." Harry said " oh Really?." Harry was smiling. He knew every Kate's trick. He knew everything when Kate is lying, when Kate is telling the truth or when Kate is trying to trick him. Harry said " How old are you?." Kate said " 16." Harry said " Whats your full name?." Kate said " Kate Angela Peterson." Harry said " whats your favorite color?." Kate said " pink and purple." Harry said " do you love me?." Kate said quickly " Yes." Harry smiled. Kate said shockingly " WHAT DID I JUST SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!." Harry said " i know you love me Kate trust me." He had a big cute smile. Kate said " no i do not!." Harry said " yes you do!." Kate said " no i dont!." Harry said " yes you do!." Kate said " can we stop being little kids now and be a grown up?." Harry said" just admit that you still have feelings for me Sweet Candy." Kate said " i dont have any feelings for you and im so mad at you for breaking up with me!." Harry said " that was a long time ago just forget about it." Kate said " how can i forget about it?." Harry said " because you love me." Kate was so annoyed. She said " YOU ARE SO....YOU ARE SO....!!!!!!!!." harry said " adorable i know." Kate was ready to push Harry to the ground. Kate said " i am so annoyed about you! im gonna go now!." Harry said " No Kate Bear dont go!." Kate said " well you keep on annoying me." Harry said " oh well sorry." Kate stood up. Harry said " where are you going?." Kate said " Im leaving now." Harry said " I said im sorry." Kate said " everything doesnt change with just one sorry harry." HArry said " ok then sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry Kate Bear..." Kate said " whatever I have to go home." Harry said " well im going with you." Kate said " are you crazy? no youre not going with me.". Harry said " i want to." Kate said " no you cant." Harry said " can i just have your phone number?." Kate said " fine!." Kate gave Harry her phone number. Kate said " i gotta go." Harry said " Wait!." Kate said " what again Harry?." Harry said " Can i get a hug?." Kate said " NO." Harry said " Please?." Kate said " NO." Harry said " please Kate Bear." Kate felt a little sorry for Harry. Kate said " ok just once." Harry said " yippers!." Kate hugged Harry.Harry smiled. Harry was so happy. Kate was so relieved to see Harry happy.

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