Love Love Love

Lacey Ritz is a bubbly 19 year old girl who is living her life while she's young. She goes to Remington college in the United Sates but is being shipped to London so she can make her fashion dreams come true. Lacey loves fashion and loves making designs for clothes. Her life is going great and dreams are coming true until her world gets pushed around by new problems. Will she get through it all?


6. Chapter 6

Lacey Pov

The plane landed and I only got a 2 hour nap because I was talking to Louis the whole time. He is a pretty cool guy and we exchanged numbers so we could talk again. I went to the baggage pickup to get my suitcases and all of a sudden I heard girls screaming. I quickly turned around to find a riot of girls being held back by security. There are no celebrities around here so I was awfully confused. One girl yelled out "Louis, I love you"! Wow I'm guessing Louis is very popular back here in London.

Louis Pov:

It was actually a good flight this time. Only because I had someone to talk to and she was cute. Bonus! As I was getting my luggage girls kept yelling out "I love you Louis" and "Will you marry me"? Man I love our fans. I wondered if Lacey figured out I was famous especially with all these girls screaming out my name. 

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