Love Love Love

Lacey Ritz is a bubbly 19 year old girl who is living her life while she's young. She goes to Remington college in the United Sates but is being shipped to London so she can make her fashion dreams come true. Lacey loves fashion and loves making designs for clothes. Her life is going great and dreams are coming true until her world gets pushed around by new problems. Will she get through it all?


3. Chapter 3

Love Love Love 

Chapter 3

I obviously knew I wasn't going to see Diana as much, but I would visit when I had the chance. "I will visit whenever I have the chance okay? And I'm not even leaving yet so let's spend a lot of time together these next few days" I said to her smiling. Her face lifted up with a bright smile. "Alright! What should we do first?!". I grabbed her arm and we headed off. 

Louis' Pov 

I was coming back home to Doncaster from our tour in America. The guys were going back either to their hometowns or on vacation with their girlfriends. I wanted a girlfriend not because Liam and Zayn had one but because I wanted someone to cuddle with, to kiss, to spend a lazy day with, and tell her she's beautiful every second I get to. It's not like a girl would come out of the nowhere so I guess I would have to wait. 

Lacey's Pov *Few days later*

Me and Diana spent  our last two days shopping and doing random things we've never done. Let me just say rock climbing isn't as easy as it looks. I had maybe 50 failed attempts and almost killed myself doing them. Diana on the other hand tried 20 times and broke a nail.
I was leaving for the airport and had to say my goodbyes. I said bye to my friends and teachers. Last was Diana and we both couldn't hold in the tears. "I will miss you so much Lace" her voice cracked in my ear. "We will stay in touch and I will visit. I will never forget you, don't worry" I said trying to calm her down. We both hugged for a very long time, then I headed in my car and headed off to the airport. When I got there I gave the lady my tickets and boarded the plane. As I looked for my seat, I finally found my seat with a cute boy that was listening to music. I tapped him and his beautiful blue eyes just took my breath away. 


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