Love Love Love

Lacey Ritz is a bubbly 19 year old girl who is living her life while she's young. She goes to Remington college in the United Sates but is being shipped to London so she can make her fashion dreams come true. Lacey loves fashion and loves making designs for clothes. Her life is going great and dreams are coming true until her world gets pushed around by new problems. Will she get through it all?


2. Chapter 2

Love Love Love 

Chapter 2

I ran as fast I could to the phone almost tripping. "Hello" I said into the phone. "Hello is this Lacey Ritz"? A lady spoke through the phone. "Yes, yes it is. Who is this"? I asked confusingly. "This is Mrs. Garfield the manager of the store Pop So in London". Holy crap I think I got the job! I was like freaking out for awhile until the lady asked "Are you still there"? "Uh yes! How are you Mrs. Garfield"? "I'm great thanks for asking. Now Lacey I believe your boss Mrs. Chandler has told you about job promotions here in London. Am I right?". "Yes she has spoken about it before. Why do you ask" I said stuttering. Mrs. Garfield took a deep breath then said " Lacey we would like you to move up to London and take this new job offer here at Pop So". I literally couldn't keep my scream in and squeaked into the phone. "Thank you sososo much. When do I start"? "You will get your tickets in a few days and be flying out the day after". "Yay I can't wait! Thank you for this job promotion, you won't regret it"!  "I hope not. See you in a few days Lacey. Goodbye". "Bye". *End of phone conversation* 
Ahhhh I screamed to Diana! We started jumping up and down together and laughed like little kids. Then she stopped and said "But now we won't see each other anymore". 

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