Snob vs. Skank

Dear Diary,

This is my chance. My chance to look the part and fit in, even though I will never be the same as everyone else, and they will always be oblivious as to why.

Not everything is a 'dear diary' moment. Some things you wish you could rub out and forget. But that can't always happen.


3. Annabel

I don't remember much about Lucia's party - drink number seven made sure of that. But my feet were blistered and the gloss on my lips had mysteriously vanished. I had a good feeling I had made out with the gorgeous new guy... what was his name? Never mind. I remember giving out my number so maybe he texted me. 

My alarm clock warned me school would be starting without me if I didn't hurry up, but I ignored it, grabbing my phone and scrolling through my messages. Nothing yet, but give it time. I let a wicked grin spread across my face as I clambered out of bed. I put my hand to my mouth, suddenly feeling sick. Probably too much to drink. I thought nothing of it, pulling on my school uniform and coating my lashes in mascara.

"Annabel, breakfast's ready!" my little brother Jamie called up the stairs. I grabbed my bag and headed donwstairs.

"Not hungry," I said, pushing past him.

"But mum says-"

"I don't care, okay? Just leave me alone." His eyes were shocked, and soon filled with tears. That's when I felt mean.

"Hey," I grabbed his small hands in mine, "have a good day at school, yeah?" I ruffled his hair and unlocked the door, shutting my family away. 



Clarissa stopped babbling as soon as I strolled into class ten minutes late.

"What happened to you?" she said, eyes wide. I laughed.

"I'm only ten minutes late babe," I grinned.

"I mean last night." Her voice had dropped to a whisper.

"What about it? I said. "We had a laugh, a bit too much to drink, and my feet are killing. Is anyone else's?" But no-one replied.

"Seriously, you're freaking me out!" I said, but the sound of the door opening again caught my attention. Gorgeous new guy walked in, deep in conversation with a girl. She looked vaguely familiar, a common freak. What was she doing with him? I sighed in disgust. He looked up. This was my chance.

"Hey," I said, fiddling with the collar of my shirt. He raised an eyebrow and sat down.

"Okay, what was that about?" I whispered to Clarissa. But she just rolled her eyes and chewed her pen. I felt something hit my back. I turned around and picked up a small piece of paper. Probably another loser trying to ask me out. I unfolded the note.


Huh? Must have hit the wrong person. I tossed the note aside and wrote the date in my exercise book, doodling in the margin as the teacher droned on about something unimportant. Another scrap of paper hit me. I sighed, picked it up.

Yeah, I'm talking to you, slut.

I turned around, glaring. But everyone was looking down at their work, writing hastily. I turned around again, a little freaked out. This was getting weird. I closed my eyes for a second, but my head was spinning. I stood up.

"Sir, I don't feel too good-" But drinks number one right through to seven interrupted me. I gagged, holding back my hair. The class groaned in disgust.

"Everyone sit down! I'll clean up this mess." The teacher left the room.

"Gross!" I heard people mutter. I wiped my mouth across my sleeve and sunk back into my seat. Gorgeous new guy was shaking his head. I had completely and utterly blown my chances with him. I grabbed my bag and darted out the door before I could screw anything else up.

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