this is a story about a girl's best friend who becomes famous...but what happens when he invites her to go on tour with them (one direction) what happens when one of the band members fall in love her??


12. the hospital


i heard louis yell then everything went black again..

i woke up to beeping noises. if this is heaven it sucks there is no way im going to spend the rest of eternity with a beeping sound. then i heard someone.

bree, babe please wake up i miss you.

i opened my eyes and there was.... Zayn sitting by my bed holding my hand. i looked around and the rest of the boys were past out on the floor. then i saw niall and i remembered him making out with julia. i bursted in tears. Love, whats wrong? asked zayn.

i saw niall kissing julia. i started crying again.

i dont know what to tell you he is a jackass im sorry.

zayn you dont look comfortable come sit with me.

i moved over so he could lay down next to me. when he got comfortable he turned towards me and said

bree dont ever do that to me again.

i wont zayn. i said

and i didnt even realize that we were both leaning in until we kissed. i was going to pull away right away but i liked kissing zayn. it felt natural. he pulled away and smiled.


but before i could finish my sentence he kissed me again. neither of us pulled away until we heard someone cough. i turned towards the door and there stood a very angry looking niall.

hello. i whispered.

zayn outside now. was all he said.

zayn turned toward me and kissed me

be right back babe.

i turned towards niall and he seemed furious. zayn walked outside the door and niall shut the door but i could see them through the window. i couldnt hear what they were saying but then niall punched him right in the face then zayn punched him. they wouldnt stop. i tryed to leave but i was hooked up to all the machines. i saw zayn throw another punch and niall fell to the ground but didnt get back up..then zayn walked in and shut the door. he had blood all over him. he came back next to me and tryed kissing me but i stopped him.

what did you do? i asked with tears in my eyes.

you dont love him anymore so whats the problem?

i unhooked all the needles in me and ran to the door i opened it and niall was still on the floor. i went over to him and shook him

niall? niall wake up.

he looked at me and said i dont want to there is no point to you obviously are into zayn. i have nothing now.


what are you talking about? he asked confused.

i saw you kiss julia well actually make out.

babe that was the plan. he said sounding frustrated. did you really think i would do that espically right in front of you?

well i didnt know. i said

no offense babe i love you and all but you can be really dumb at times. he laughed

love you too. i said 


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