this is a story about a girl's best friend who becomes famous...but what happens when he invites her to go on tour with them (one direction) what happens when one of the band members fall in love her??


6. The cottage

my grandma had ordered pizza so i told her Niall and i would go grab it for her. we were driving into town.

thank you again you have no idea how much this means to me.

he smiled and looked at me "i love you."

i smiled "i love you too!"

when we walked into the shop he was holding my hand they told us it would be a couple of minutes so we sat there looking at eachother while we waited. he leaned down and kissed me. i smiled. he was now facing me and was holding both my hands. we were laughing at stupid things we were saying. he kept kissing me then some little girl came over and tugged on his hoodie.

"yes?" he asked looking down.

"are you niall from one direction?" she asked quietly.

"whhy yes i am." he smiled and said.

"can i have a picture with you?" he let go of my hands and took a picture with the little girl. she turned and looked at me.

"are you bree the one he is dating?"

i smiled and laughed "yes i am."

she grabbed Niall and pulled him down and whispered something in his ear. he straightened out and laughed

"well i hope so that would be a dream come true and u will be the first to know."

he smiled and the little girl smiled and walked away. we went back to the position we were in before.

"what did she ask you?" i asked truly puzzled.

"she asked if i was going to marry you."

he said simply as if it were no big deal. i thought about his answer and i smiled.

"you are the best!" i said to him then kissed him.

"your order is ready miss." said the guy behind the counter.

we grabbed the pizza and headed back to the cottage. when we got there i took the pizza and set it on the table for everyone to grab at. i stayed behind so everyone else could have some when someone grabbed my waist from behind and said

"i have another suprise for you." i turned around and there was Louis Zayn Harry and Liam!!!

"Oh my god no way!!! you guys are here!!!"

i gave them all a hug and yelled for layla to come over here. she walked over and said


i turned towards the boys and said

"boys this is my sis Layla. layla the boys."

"LAYLAAAAAAAA!!!!!" louis yelled and ran and gave her a hug.

"o hey louis i missed you and my sister always around!"

"vas happenin layla?" said zayn.

she laughed "hello" then liam came over

"hey layla im liam." she laughed again.

"o trust me i know who you are i like you guys." then harry.

"hello." he said smiling at her.

her face got red and she said hi very quitely.

"so ill let you guys be..." i laughed and walked away with niall.

we finally sat down and ate. after everyone was done eating and talking and i finished dishes it was about 10:30. sense everyone was a little tipsy we decided everyone was going to spend the night. Layla and i got the loft the boys are all going to try to fit in the guest room and we put everyone else outside in tents. it was about 11:30 when i got a text: hey babe why dont you and layla come downstairs we have a suprise (; i woke up layla and she said ya lets go. we got ready and climbed down the ladder as quietly as we could. we went into the boy's room and they were all standing and ready to go. i asked

"what is going on?"

no one answered louis just simply held up a pair of keys and smiled

"i remembered" he said and smiled.

i laughed "the good old days."

"what are you talking about?" asked layla.

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