this is a story about a girl's best friend who becomes famous...but what happens when he invites her to go on tour with them (one direction) what happens when one of the band members fall in love her??


5. suprise!!

with my life.

He smiled then faced the road again. Suddenly he made a quick u-turn.

give me your phone.

I grabbed my phone he texted someone then did something and gave it back. O great I thought he erased what he wrote. After about two long hours in the car I see and sign that says six miles to chataqua.

Niall where are we going? Only one person that I know lives here.

He smiles. "we are going to see your grandparents." "


no." he smiled. "i know how much you have missed them so i decided i would take a trip and i texted your grandma and she said it would be a great idea." "

thank you!" i said.

About and hour later we pulled into my grandma's cottage. she came running out to give me a hug. i smiled and got out of the car and ran to give her a hug. Niall quickly followed. "

grandma this is Niall, Niall this is mmy grandma..Linda." "

o please call me grandma." she said smiling. just then my papa came out. "

papa!" i said and ran over to give him a hug. "

hey kiddo" he said

i introduced niall and he pretty much said the same thing my grandma did. we all headed back to the deck and sat down. after we talked for a couple of hours my grandma said to me "

Bree i have a suprise for you considering your family misses you and we havent seen you in awhile we made a couple of arrangements." she smiled.

"and.." i said excited to hear what she had to say. "come on in!" she yelled i turned towards the door and my sister came walking out!! "


" i ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug. Layla is my sister she is 16 and the prettiest thing you will ever see on the planet! Layla and i are two years apart so we are really close. she hugged me back but then said we arent done and then my whole family came walking out! i bursted out into tears i was so happy to see everyone! after about an hour of visting everyone and introducing them to Niall i turned around and kissed him

"thank you!" i said.

"Bree! i have one more suprise!" my grandma yelled.

i turned around and standing there were my grandparents neighbors' grandkids. we used to hang out all the time. i couldnt believe julia and jack.

"well dont just stand there give me a hug!" said julia i smiled and gave her a huge hug. then i went and gave jack a hug!

"oh my god i have missed you guys!" they smiled

"havent seen you in awhile." said jack. i smiled

"yeah its been awhile."

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