this is a story about a girl's best friend who becomes famous...but what happens when he invites her to go on tour with them (one direction) what happens when one of the band members fall in love her??


13. suprise visit

love you too i said.

i helped him up and into the room. when we walked in everyone gasped.

what? i asked confused

babe what did you do?? asked a very concerned louis who was walking towards me pointing at my shoulder. i did not notice until then how much pain i was in. i turned toward my shoulder and i was bleeding uncontrollably.

*****a week later*****

so turns out i just broke open the stiches and everything was alright. we were all back at the apartment and everything was back to normal. layla harry liam louis zayn niall and me were all sitting in the living room around the fire watching the notebook. it was about noon and the doorbell rang.

ill get it. i said hopping up walking towards the door. i opened the door and there stood derek.

OH MY GOD DEREK!! i screamed

he walked in with a huge smile and picked me up while hugging me i then wrapped my legs around him. he kissed my neck.

babe ive missed you so much! he said

ive missed you too!


i laughed as derek put me down. louis and derek ran toward eachother and gave eachother a hug. i started talking to louis and derek then as we were in the middle of our catch up someone coughed. we all turned around derek looked in layla's direction.

layla is that you? he asked

DARE BEAR?!?!? I DIDNT REALIZE THAT WAS YOU.! she ran up and gave him a hug.i miss you around. you and bree used to be the best to hang out with then you left for the army and louis came around.

i smiled. speaking of the army do you remember what you promised me before i left? asked derek.

o i remember i laughed.

good he said.

well derek this is niall liam zayn and harry. said louis.

hey guys said derek as he waved.

niall looked a llittle jealous but i just brushed it off because i missed derek very much.

bree louis you coming.? he asked

o ya man! said louis

yah! i said. guys we will be back in like an hour. i said

i went over to niall and kissed him bye babe.

then we headed off. we decided to walk because it was such a nice day out and we planned on getting a little drunk. when we got to the first bar louis was off doing his own thing but checking in every once in a while.

so bree do you remember the day i left? he asked.

like it was yesterday. i said.

i am still in love with you. he said.

i didnt know what to say. he leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear

do you remember what we did the night before i left?

i will never forget. i said quietly. you were my first. i said.

and i want to be your last. he said.

he got up from the stool so he could better see my face.

bree look at me. he said

i looked at him without hesitation. he started to lean in and so did i and soon enough our lips met. i loved kissing derek. as he pulled away he turned around and went to walk away but before he got far i grabbed his arm turned him around brought him to me and kissed him. he kissed me back. he pulled away

lets go back to my place. he whispered. i nodded.

louis! i yelled. he came over i looked at him.

what? he said.

i need you to tell niall that i went and stayed at your house tonight.

why? he asked.

because im going home with derek. please dont tell niall i need this one night. he looked at me.

bree i will not tell niall you are my best friend i have your back.

thank you lou.

with that i walked out of the bar and we got a taxi. when we got to his place we started kissing again and finished what we started two years ago when i was sixteen and he was eighteen. i woke up the next morning and derek was looking at me.

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