this is a story about a girl's best friend who becomes famous...but what happens when he invites her to go on tour with them (one direction) what happens when one of the band members fall in love her??


7. late night boat rides

what are you talking about? asked layla.

"when we were around your age and me you him mom and john used to come up we used to sneak out at night and take the boat out. there was always a spare key hidden."

"why didnt you ever bring me?" she asked

"you were only 14 we were afraid you would rat on us." said louis after that we all laughed.

we walked out and decided to take the long way over. zayn and liam were in front walking and talking about something. then Layla and Harry were walking really close to eachother and looked like they were about to start holding hands then niall and me were holding hands while louis was talking to us. we eventually made it down to the docks it was a nice night out about 75 out. we took off the cover and all got in the boat louis was putting it in reverse while i pun the wheel to lower us. after we finally got out of the docking area i went to sit with niall in the back. harry layla and zayn were in front louis was driving and liam was next to him.

"i love you." said niall out of no where.

"i love you too." i said and smiled.

he kissed me, we kept kissing.

"KEEP IT PG BACK THERE!!" yelled layla and everyone laughed.

we all took turns driving the boat around. when it got back to louis he stopped in the middle of the lake.

"what are you doing?" i asked.

then he came back smiled and before i could say no he picked me up and threw me in the lake!

"LOUIS!!!!!!" i yelled

"thats my name dont wear it out." he laughed then smiled.

everyone ended up jumpping in and we were swimming. Layla yawned.

"guys what time is it?" she said.

"about two in the morning. we should probably get going." said louis.

everyone got back into the boat. i got into the boat last because the water actually felt really nice but when i went and got out i was freezing. i walked over to niall and sat in between his legs. he rapped his arms around me i looked up at him

"i love you." he whispered

"i love you 2." i whispered back.

we got back to the docks and tied up the boat. we were walking up the hill when i saw harry lean down and kiss my sister!!!!

"oh my god did you see that?? holy crap!!!!" i was freaking out.

"remember our first kiss?" asked niall with a smile on his lips.

"how could i forget." i said to him.

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