this is a story about a girl's best friend who becomes famous...but what happens when he invites her to go on tour with them (one direction) what happens when one of the band members fall in love her??


9. going out

when i woke up i looked around and niall was on top of me asleep. i laughed to myself. i looked at my phone and it was only eight thirty so i decided to go back to sleep for a little bit because everyone was probably hung over.

"are they in the same bed?" i heard someone i pretended to be asleep but was listening in.


"arent you worried?"

"no i know bree is rresponsible and he is a good boy."

"well i was thinking sense we havent seen them we can all go to the flee market then for breakfast."

"yes she would love that thanks mom."

so i knew it was my grandma and mom talking i love them. i heard someone coming up the ladder.

"bree niall?"

"hmm?" i said

"time to get up honey we are all going out." said my mom.

we both got up and got ready. we came downstairs and waited for everyone else. after about 10 minutes everyone was ready to go..well everyone that was going. niall layla harry and me all went in one car and zayn louis liam my mom and grandma all took another car. finally my papa john jack and julia took another. niall and i sat in the front and layla and hary sat in the back.

"i had a lot of fun last night." said layla.

"me too." i said smiling.

"should we tell her?" i asked niall and harry.

"tell me what."

"babe.." harry said.

"would you like to come live with us?" finished niall.

i smiled. "OH MY GOD YES!!"

we laughed i looked at niall who was driving and he turned lookked at me and smiled. he mouthed i love you. i love you too i said silently then he put his hand on my leg and i put my hand on his hand. when we arrived at the flee market we met up with the rest of the boys jack and julia and walked around. niall grabbed my hand while we were walking. i smiled then some little girl walked by with a one direction t shirt on and niall walked up to her and said

"i like your shirt."

the girl started flipping out. the boys all got pictures with her and autographed her shirt. after we were done shopping we met up with my mom and grandma.

hey mom can i use one of the cars we all want to go down town.

yeah sure honey love you.

she handed me the keys and we got going. before we turned out of the parking lot my phone rang.

hello? i answered.

hey lindsay its jack. julia and i would like to know if we could hang out today.

uh yeah sure be ready in like ten minutes.

k bye!

i hung up my phone.

hey do you guys care if jack and julia hang out with us? nope they all said in unison.

ACTUALLY I WOULD CARE! said louis very loudly.

of course you would. i laughed.

after about ten minutes we pulled into the driveway and they were waiting outside.

ill get in the back said niall.

are you sure?

yeah babe its totally fine.


after niall got out of the car julia got into the back with the boys and jack got up front with me.

hey! he said and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

hey i said.

we pulled out of the driveway and we headed into town.

so what does everyone want to do? i asked

CHATAQUA IDOL!! screamed louis.

louis thats tonight!!! i yelled back.

we both laughed.

lets just go shopping. said Layla. we all agreed. after i pulled in and we all got out. then my phone buzzed.

Louis: why did you invite him?

Me: lou we grew up with him remember..

Louis: yah and remember what he did to you..

when i got louis's text i look at my shoulder and there was a huge scar.

Me: yes lou but i forgave him.

Louis: well i didnt..

i read his texts then put my phone away and gave him a look. he just looked at me and i knew he was upset. niall came up to me and kissed my cheek then grabbed my hand. i smiled at him.

hey babe do you care if layla and i go off on our own for a minute?

no just text me where you are when your done.

i smiled at him and layla and i headed in our own direction. we walked into a little shop.

lets look for gifts for the boys i said.

okay! she said. my phone started to ring.

restricted call should i answer? i asked

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