this is a story about a girl's best friend who becomes famous...but what happens when he invites her to go on tour with them (one direction) what happens when one of the band members fall in love her??


3. drama

He started to lean down and right as we were about to kiss the boys walked in. I sighed and moved off the bed. I went into my room got my phone out of my pocket and texted Bella: me and niall almost kissed but boys walked into ruin the moment. Then I put my phone down and put pajamas on and went to bed.

All of a sudden I was woken up by something. I looked to my right and saw Niall sitting there.

What time is it? I asked.

Twelve thirty. He said.

I laughed what do you want?

To finish what we started. Before I could ask what he was talking about he leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back. Why was I falling for him. I broke the kiss.

To be honest I liked that. I said

me two. He said back.

But we can’t do this I have a boyfriend. Then he kissed me again and said .

we don’t have to tell anyone. I moved over so he had room on the bed and we talked for about two hours then we fell asleep. I woke up the next morning to me laying on niall’s chest and ALL the boys sitting there looking at us.

So you’re the reason niall finished his verse. Said Louis.

I blushed. I have to go to the airport and pick up Bella. Anybody want to come? I asked.

Everybody ended up coming. As we were waiting at the airport Louis Harry Zayn and Liam all went to get something to eat and Niall and I were talking. Niall kept talking about random things so as he talked I stepped closer to him and he didn’t seem to notice. I got on my tiptoes and kissed him after a few seconds I pulled away.

what was that for?

I needed a reason to kiss you.

you don’t need a reason. Watch. He kissed my nose because I need you. He kissed my cheek because I love you. He kissed me because I want to. I blushed and smiled and finally he said. He put a strand of my hair behind my ear and kissed my forehead because you are my world!

AWWE THAT’S SO CUTE!! I hear someone say I turn around to see….Bella!

BELLA!!!! I ran up to her and we hugged each other.

Yeah! Chick on chick! yelled Louis.

Everyone laughed at that I introduced everyone to Bella. They all seemed to like her so we decided to go out to get something to eat. We went to ruby Tuesdays. We all sat down I excused myself because I had to go to the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom I turned around to see Niall following me. He kissed me

niall we can’t do this in public!

Why can’t you just break up with your boyfriend? Right when I was about to answer my phone rang


Hey babe!

O hey Ryan.

How’s it going?

O good I’m out to eat right now can I call you later?

Sure hun, I love you.

Yup. Love you too. I hung up the phone and looked at Niall who was staring down at me with an upset look.

Ryan huh? he said, and then walked away.

Niall wait! but it was too late he had already walked off. Out of nowhere I realized I had started crying. I didn’t want him to be mad at me but I have a boyfriend. I wiped my tears away and walked back to the table. Niall wasn’t there. I felt my heart twist inside of me. Where’s Niall? I asked.

he said he was tired and that he needed to go home. Said harry.

I shed a tear but quickly wiped it away but they didn’t stop coming so I walked outside. To my surprise Niall was standing outside too. He saw me crying and came running over.

what’s wrong love? Did Ryan hurt you? he asked with concern.

no. I said. he just stared down at me.

i want to be with you Niall!

I want to be with you too but you tell me you have a boyfriend and you can’t. he started to get closer to me.

I want you to be my boyfriend.

Then he closed the space between us and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist and he picked me up. As we broke the kiss we heard camera flashes. Crap....

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