this is a story about a girl's best friend who becomes famous...but what happens when he invites her to go on tour with them (one direction) what happens when one of the band members fall in love her??


1. phone call

we were best friends. yupp thats right best friends. now he is famous and we onnly talk every once in a while. his name is louis. Louis Tomsilion. we were friends ever sense we were born because our mothers were best friends. we grew apart once he became famous but one day i was sitting on the porch when i got a phone call.

hello? i said

hey bree. said a very farmiliar voice

hey lou! i said very excited.

so i was wondering sense we havent seen eachother and i dont know how long and we have sorta grown apart you would..erm...join me and the boys on tour?

oh my lou i dont know what to say i would be missing a year of school..

we can hire a tutor for you. please bree! it would mean the world to me.

let me ask my mom. i sighed

ya about that i already talked to her and she said yes it would be good for you. he said

i laughed. ok sounds good

ok well your plane leaves tomorrow i will be there to pick you up. bye bree i miss you.

ok cant wait bye lou miss you 2.

and with that we hung up. i went into the house and talked to my mom about it and we started packing things i would need for the next couple of months. by the time i finished packing it was midnight and my plane left early the next morning.i put on pjs and went to bed.    the next morning i woke up to my mom waking me up.

honey time to get up your going to be later for your plane ride.

5 minutes please.  i groaned. she laughed and left. i got ready i put on white shorts with a yellow and white stripped strapless shirt and some flats. i straightened my hair and did a head band braid. once i was ready i went downstairs and grabbed my keys.

mom are you coming?

yes honey.

i got into the car and turned on the air conditioning because it was already hot and it was only ten o clock. i hate arizona. once we got to the airport i gave my mm my keys and said

thanks mom i love you ill call you when i land.

bye honey have a safe flight.

i went through security and got on the plane. the plane ride was terrible, there was a bunch of screaming kids and i couldnt sleep at all.

**a couple hours lateer**

finally landed. i walked out of the terminal and saw louis leaning against the wall just looking around. he looked my way and saw me. he started running towards me and i did the same.

LOU!!! i shouted

BREE!!! he yelled

we hugged.

ive missed you. o my you look so diffrent you lost a lot of weight! he said

thanks lou i think you look diffrent to and ive missed you too.!

on our way home i told him about my flight and how it was absolute hell. he laughed after about twenty minutes he pulled up to this huge house. my jaw it the floor.

holy crap lou.

he laughed yeaa so are you ready to meet the guys?

i nodded my head and he opened the door........ 

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