Hide From the Light

12 year old Jessie Robinson has had enough of being famous. Being a child star isn't easy! With all the photoshoots, interviews, recording sessions and sleepless nights, Jessie decides to switch lives with 12 year old Megan Jordan, a child who has a normal life. As the 2 girls spend time with their normal lives, Jessie decides she wants her old life back. But will Megan really go back to her old life? Or does she want to continue with this glamourous and famous life?

Find out in Hide From the Light!


1. It's all too much!


"Jessie, get down here! Morgan has just booked you an interview with Ryan Seacrest!" shrieked Mom from downstairs.

"Mom, Morgan's my manager, NOT a miracle worker." I explained, quite sure of what I had said.

"Well he must be because he just booked you an interview with Ryan Seacrest!!"

"Yeah, I've heard. Hey, when do I get out of my contract with StarGaze Records?"

"When you turn 18! And until then your voice is just gonna have to keep going!"

"But MOM!! I'm sick of doing movies and albums and dance routines... why can't we be normal?"

"Oh sweetie, nobody's normal. Just sometime's you might come across people who are boring! We're certainly not boring! So count yourself lucky that you're famous Jessie Robinson!"

"Look Mom I'm only 12... Let me live a little!"

"Jessie... Stop putting me under pressure..."

I left the room feeling sorry for myself. This was child cruelty. It's not my fault that I have acting skills, and I have a good voice AND my dance moves are sensational... And it CERTAINLY isn't my fault my mom and dad are famous.

If I was to have one wish, It would be that I could swap my life with a normal girl for a week.





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