One Direction Preferences

This is just a bunch of prefrences for you guys. Comment if you have any ideas(:


1. You Meet


You where walking down the street and you bumped into someone. "Sorry" you say quickly realizing that you knocked over something of his. You bent down to pick it up. Both of your hands touched at the same time. "Its okay." He said "Im Harry." "(Y/N)" "Thats a lovley name" He says "Maybe we could meet up sometime for coffee" He does his million dollar smile "Sure" You say "Nice meeting you Harry." "You too" He says as he gies you a peice of paper with his number on it.


You where in a coffee shop ordering coffee when a boy bumped into you, spilling your coffee all over you. "Oh im so sorry!" He said "Thanks" you muttered. "Here" He said handing you his jacket he had on. "Thank you" You smiled "I never got your name" He smiled "(Y/N)" You smiled back. "Liam" He said. "Can I buy you another coffee?" He asked shly "Sure, i guess that wouldnt be to bad" You said ashe bought you a cup. you two sit down, start talking, and you end up getting his number


You where going to the ice cream palar to meet with your friends. while you where waiting a waiter came us to you and asked if you needed anything. "No thanks" you said 'Im waiting on my friends" he smiled "can i sit down?" he asked gesturing to the chair that was empty "Sure" you smiled "Im Louis" he said "(Y/N)" you responded "Thats a beautiful name" he smiled "May i ask for your number" He said "Sure" you said giving him your number "Maybe coffee tomorrow?" he asked "sure" you chuckled


You where in a grocery store shopping for you and your room mate. You where trying to get a ceral at thee top but you couldnt reach. "Here" Said a thick Irish accent. "Thanks" You said taking the box from him. "Thats my favorite kind" The boy smiled. he had a cart completly full. "Mine to" you chuckled "are you throwing a party or what?" you asked looking at the cart. "Party." He smiled. "youre welcome to come." He smiled once again looking shy. "I cant go to a strangers party." You tease. "Well im Niall, and youre" he asked "(Y/N)" "well now that we're not strangers any more, you should come to the party." "Okay" you agreed handing him your phone so he could put his number in.


You where out with your poety class in the local park. You where trying to come up with a poem. you sat down on a bench and started writing, not realizing someone was standing over you. "Its beautiful" a man said "t-thanks" you said shyly. He came over and sat next to you. "im Zayn" he says "(Y/N)"you smile to him. "You write beautiful poetry"he said "Ehh, not really, i like staying at home and writing songs more." you smile. "but im not very good." You add. "maybe I could help you?" he says "sure"you say. "well, i've got to go, but heres my number" he said writing it down in your journal


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