One Direction Preferences

This is just a bunch of prefrences for you guys. Comment if you have any ideas(:


4. He's 'In the mood' and youre not


Youre watching Tv and a porn scene comes on. "We should try that" harry whispers in your ear coming up to you putting his hands on your waist. "Harry get off." You say seriously. "please babe." he begs. "Not right now, the boys are going to be over soon." you reply. "So they can wait" he nibbles behind your ear "harold stop!" you yell inching away. "fine" he pouts


Youre cooking for his family who his coming over soon. "Smells good babe" He comes up behind you putting his hands around your waist. "Liam" you say trying to get him off of you, but he nipples at your ear. "Liam stop." you say "Your family is gonna be here soon." You say getting him off of you. "Later?" he asks "Maybe." 


"Louis not now!" you yelled for what seemed like the millionth time. He was trying to undress you. "Im already late for woke" You whine. "So take a sick day" He said lifting your blouse up. Only for you to pull it back down. "Im leaving, bye" you said walking out the door.


You where in bed after a long day. You accidentally toughed Nialls shaft and that was it. He wanted to have sex, but you just wanted to sleep. "Niall!" you finally yelled after he had been touching you non-stop. "I just want some sleep, tomorrow okay" He nodded his head


"How was work" You asked after a long day of work for you "It was boring. I think i need some fun" He said coming over to you rubbing you and pressing his shaft against you. "Zayn, not now babe" you gently said "Come on." he cooked "Zayn im serious." you said walking away "I have to make dinner" you said quickly "But tomorrow" you added a wink for good measure.

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