Lost In the Sea Of Darkness

This is the diary of a bullied girl. Her name is Ivy Danger Devious.She has no one to talk to but she writes everything down in her diary. Everything they say to her, do to her and how she feels. Will things brighten up or will they get worse?


11. 4/4/2011

Dear Diary,

I am so sorry Diary. They took you. Well a week after my last entry I took you to school so when I had nobody to talk to I could write in you. The girls left me to go for their lunch and I was all alone. So I found my way to the school library. I sat down in a quite corner and started to write but then they came in. They started saying things to me and tormenting me. After a while one of them noticed you Diary and they picked it up and started going through it. I asked for you back but they wouldn't give it back. They finally left but they left with you. I tried to get you back since but only a recently a teacher over heard me asking for it back so then the next day they was forced to give you back. 

No harm was done just a couple of pages and the entry I started. None of the old ones. Life had been depressing with out you. Every night I went home and locked my self in my room cleaning the cuts and bruises. I just lay on my bed and think while listening to music that numbs my emotions. I wonder what would happen if I died? Would anyone care? Probably not but I would more likely be happier. I am not giving up though. I can't. I may not have many loved ones but I want to be with them.

There is so much stress lately with school and the bullies its unbelievable. My brother has changed too. He hangs round with the popular kids and has a girlfriend. All the girls are pretty much in love with him. He doesn't even look at me any more so he doesn't care.  He brings his girlfriend over every now and again her name is Emily. When me and my brother was close and he got with her together with her she used to act nice to me in front of him but when he left she was horrible, nasty and mean. She was worse than the bullies.She was the worst bully yet. When I tried to tell James about her he just ignored me and told me I was being silly because she is one of the sweetest girls in the world. As if. Shes evil and I see her as a demon or the devil others see her as a little angel. Even my dads proud of James because he thinks shes perfect. I heard her on the phone to her other boyfriends a couple of days ago she told me not to tell anyone then threatened and hit me hard in the arm. When I fell to the ground James came back and she made it look like I tripped hit my arm on the table. She made it look like she was cleaning me up but really she was digging her nails in to where she had her hand. 

I hate her more than anything but I want James to be happy so I don't say anything. I hope he realises how evil she is. I am not going to tell him and crush his happiness just because she hate me and probably a lot of people. I have also heard shes after Chase. The Chase I like. Let me correct that the Chase that I love! She tries to kiss him, flirt with him or anything else. Shes got another thing coming. I may not fight back with much but I will fight for Chase. I really like him even though he doesn't like me back. Just thinking about that breaks my heart. 

I miss James. He never talks to me and I thought he would be the one who would always be there for me. Well right now hes acting like I am dead so he no longer wants to stand by me. I love my girls though. Yeah at times they leave me or they have better things to do but they still stand by me. Well when they can. I just think all the arguing had pushed them away and they don't want to get too close. 

The new things the bullies have started is telling me compliments but I can only thank you because when I don't take the compliment then they beat me up. Then later on they tell everyone I believed them so then I become a laughing stock so now all I have to do is keep my head down and don't look up. Chase keeps giving me compliments but I don't him to do the same as the rest because if he does it will break my heart. Chase is pretty popular, cute, a great guy and so much more and that's why I love him so much but I know if he hangs round with me then he popularity level will go down then he would probably hate me and I don't want that. I just wish he would love me back.

Well got to go Lily and Aubree want to do some home work together.

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