Lost In the Sea Of Darkness

This is the diary of a bullied girl. Her name is Ivy Danger Devious.She has no one to talk to but she writes everything down in her diary. Everything they say to her, do to her and how she feels. Will things brighten up or will they get worse?


4. 3/9/2010

I got home from a sleep over with Aubree, Arabella and Lily this morning I stayed two nights. As soon as I got home I hard angry yells of my mother. 

Ivy danger Devious get here now!

I remembered when I slowly walked into the room anger could easily be seen in her eyes and face. She walked up to me. Panic flooded through me. All I remembered thinking was Oh my gosh what have I done? She had grabbed my wrists tightly and screamed loudly in my face

Where have you been you silly girl! I have been worried sick! No message, no phone call. Nothing at all. I thought you had been taken.

I had started to cry. Her long pointy nails dug into my skin. The tears had slowly driven down my cheeks and dropped off my face. I then had murmured in a small voice

Mum I rang the house and told dad I was staying at Aubree's for the night with Arabella and Lily. Didn't he tell you? 

She had got a tighter grip on me and carried on to scream at me. Then my dad had ran in and pulled me away from her holding me tight. He started yelling at her and they yelled back. Then my mum yelled

 Fine ill leave that disgrace of a child seems more important to you.

Then my mum marched upstairs. More tears had come and my dad tried to calm me down. Half a hour later she came back downstairs with a big chunky suitcase, slammed the door shut and drove off in her car. Me, my brother and my daddy cried for hours. My dad then told me and my brother 

She was the love of my life. We was together since high school. Well I thought she was the love of my life. But when when we lost your sister shes hasn't been the same. She was taking her anger out on you two and me. I did tell her you was sleeping at Aubree's Ivy don't worry bout it its not your fault. At least she cant hurt you now. 

Today I lost my Mummy because of me. I really want her back. I have been crying for hours. I cant sleep. I'm tired and I have ran out of tears. My brother has been trying to comfort me all this time. I pretended to fall asleep after a bit of time. He kissed my forehead and left the room. I got back up and I had grabbed the shiny black laptop off my desk near my books. I logged into my Face Book account. Yes Diary I am too young for Face Book but it helps me keep in touch with the few friends I have and family. I also got black mailed into adding the bullies. I had twelve messaged and twenty notifications. They were all to say how pathetic I am. How much of a loser, Freak and werido. all that stuff. One of the messages was my mum saying I better watch my back because I ruined her relationship and all this stuff with the name calling and her saying I am a waste of space and life. Great my own Mother hates me too. I wish I could have this sort of tablet where I can take it and I'll die slowly with no pain what so ever or at least I wish my suffering of being neglected and picked on would end Diary. I feel so depressed and upset all the time. Like there is always a massive bag of tons of misery weighing down on my shoulders. Ill be back in a bit I have to go to the park with my brother Diary he says the brother will do me good.



Sorry Diary I just got back. My brother and some of the boys that bully me got into a fight. They started it by screaming 

Aw poor Devious! Has poor Mummy left you? She should have she deserves so much better than you and your stupid Farther. Too bad your brother didn't go with her he will end up dying by staying with you.

I started to cry a bit and my brother noticed. He ran up and punched the boy. Slowly red blood dripped out of his nose and fell to the floor. They got in a fight punching kicking and rolling on the floor. My brother left him knocked out while the other looked terrified thats when I walked home. I was shocked at what he did but I dont mind it might teach them a lesson. My dads cleaning him up now, he doesn't mind either he said he would have done the same at his age. 

Well Diary I got to go  

                                      Ivy Devious x



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