Lost In the Sea Of Darkness

This is the diary of a bullied girl. Her name is Ivy Danger Devious.She has no one to talk to but she writes everything down in her diary. Everything they say to her, do to her and how she feels. Will things brighten up or will they get worse?


8. 28/1/2011

Dear Diary, 

Today was the first day of high school. Want to know what happened well here I go. I walked to school with Aubree. Remember her? She was happy to see me when I got back. Actually that happy when I knocked on the door and went inside when she walked down stairs she looked at me her eyes went wide with shock and she jumped on me screaming. When we got to school I got put into a form that was not with Aubree. We was a bit upset but we decided it wouldn't be the end of the world. A teacher showed me where my new form room was and she had left me outside my form room. I had felt so nervous I had wondered whether to run or not. I walked into the room and my form room went silent. They all turned to stare at me. It was just students talking no teacher. It was because form hadn't started yet. I was so embarrassed diary. Anyway after that I saw a couple of familiar faces looking at me. I couldn't figure out who they was. Then they screamed my name and ran to hug me. Then I realized who the was. It was the girls. Arabella, Lily, Delilah,Iris and Angel. The rest of the class stood and gave us a weird look. I heard one of the boys mutter towards the back of the classroom 

"Oh the freak is back? Great"

It really hurt when they said that and his friend laughed. They didn't even know me. I tried to stay confident and believe it or not I marched up to them. This is unbelievable but I had said quite loudly 

"Who do you guys think you are? You are just immature little boys. Go back to the nursery if you cant handle me being here. It's seriously immature."

The guy looked down at me and smirked. He shouted to some of his friends from juniors

"Hey guys. Remember the freak? Shes back but shes got a voice."

They all just laughed. I scowled and walked off to my friends. He shouted after me

"Freak where you going?" 

I didn't answer him I just carried on walking and sat down.I saw a guy with amazing green eyes looking at me. He smiled and waved slightly. He mouthed to me 

Sorry about these.

I just nodded and smiled. I turned away . Introduced my self to the class because my new form teacher made me. This is what I said

"Hello people. I am Ivy Devious. I left in Junior school to go to Florida. I am back now though and I won't be leaving this time."

Not the best thing to say because this is what happened. The boy from earlier shouted

"Really? That's a shame I was looking forward to you going back. No way your going back."

I just rolled my eyes and sat back down. I could hear the teacher shouting at the kid. Through out the day I got nasty comments. Like how I should go back because I am not wanted. That's not even the worse. The worse comment I got today was

"Love you need to lose some weight. Summers coming up and I would hate to see you in a bikini."

I almost burst out crying. Over the year I haven't eaten a lot. I just ignored it and walked off as I heard Iris and Angel shouting at them all. They was scared of them.Apparently they have a bad reputation of beating people up. They cant protect me forever. The only good thing was at the end of the day. I was outside school waiting for Aubree. One of the people from earlier shoved me over making my stuff go flying.  I looked up at saw someone helping me. It was the guy from form time earlier. He smiled at me and handed me my stuff. He whispered to me

"You don't seem that bad from what people say. Don't listen to what they say they are wrong. I'll talk to you later. My names Chase just in case you didn't no."

I smiled slightly and muttered my bye. Me and Aubree walked home. When I got home I gave James a hug and started crying. He asked what happened and I told him everything. We sat and talked a bit then I locked my self in my room.

Now here I am writing about my day. I have to go I have a couple of things to do. 

Bye Diary 


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