Lost In the Sea Of Darkness

This is the diary of a bullied girl. Her name is Ivy Danger Devious.She has no one to talk to but she writes everything down in her diary. Everything they say to her, do to her and how she feels. Will things brighten up or will they get worse?


7. 25/1/2011

Hi diary, 

I am on the plane ride home. It's been amazing here Florida. I was pretty popular.I lived near Disneyland Florida which was amazing. Every now and again because we was all pretty rich we would go to Disneyland and go on the awesome rides. Well before I was supposedly from the bullies a bit chubby. Now I am skinny but I am not anorexic just to let you know. The dark bags under my eye have gone and so have most of my bruises. I only have a few scars but they aren't on my face they are mostly on my hands and knees. I am looking forward to high school but I will miss my friends in Florida. At the moment I have a bit of a tan, My hair is near my waist when its straight. Its a dirty blonde color and my eyes are a piercing blue. I wear a bit of make up because when I went into high school for the first couple of months in Florida I was friends with a lot of the older kids and they showed me how to use it for when I went back home. Dads agreed to bring us back in the summers so we can all see each over again.

I'm a bit nervous about seeing the bullies again hope they don't pick on me. I am looking forward  to seeing the girls though and the boy I met at swimming. I have bought all new stuff for school. The high school where all the people from the old school I went to will be at that school so i bought some really nice things in Florida with my friends so they could tell me whats cool and what will just start the bullying again. The school also has no uniform so its good because I have a new style and everything. Lets hope its good enough.

Well in Florida I did piano lessons. I finished the lessons so I guess I am ok at it? I did gymnastics too. After a while I got to do competition so I have a few trophies. I have also done dancing competitions and dancing classes so I have a few memories from that too. I have been working really hard at stuff like that. I will be able to carry on with them when I get back home. My dance teacher knows someone back home so I will continue my dance classes back home with her. Dad knows a gymnastic teacher and piano, we will have a piano in the house. 

I don't know why but I have a really bad feeling about going back home. I don't know if its just the fear or its just a bad feeling. I am hoping everything will be ok. I bet it wont be. I know I need to stop being negative. Mums been contacting us. Shes still angry with me. She wanted dad back but hes been refusing. Shes also been saying to James if he doesn't come to her when we get home shes coming to get him. We all know she won't. She also has a boyfriend and shes trying to make dad jealous but its not working he doesn't want her back he say.

I think I better get some sleep its going to be a long journey home. We still have our old house. We still own it but its just been empty for more than a year. Anyway I am going to try get some sleep now so when I get off the plane I am not that sleepy. I'll write more soon Diary. Bye. 

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