Lost In the Sea Of Darkness

This is the diary of a bullied girl. Her name is Ivy Danger Devious.She has no one to talk to but she writes everything down in her diary. Everything they say to her, do to her and how she feels. Will things brighten up or will they get worse?


2. 24/12/2006

Dear Diary

I haven't been writing a lot because I haven't had time. Well its Christmas eve and a lot has happened. The bullying has got worse. I have cuts and bruises covering my legs. Me and my cousins Courtney and Lily are going out for a family meal. Me, Courtney and Lily are really close but I would never tell them about me being bullied. I mean they are both older than me Courtney is in Year six and Lily is a year eight. They live far away from me. I also have a older brother who is in year nine, he loves me to pieces. I haven't told anyone about the bullying because I am afraid of what they can do. Well today I dressed up in a flowery  dress and traveled with my older brother and Mum and Dad to a restaurant where I met the rest of the family.It was really fancy. There was shiny posh tables and lovely lights. The walls were a creamy color and the floor was wooden, my tiny heels clicked against them. Me,Courtney and Lily was busy laughing and taking picture. I forgot about the bullying for a while until I went across the room with Courtney and Lily to get the ice cream but then I tripped and ice cream smothered me. I looked up to see the girls from school. They were holding their tiny mobiles while laughing. They were filming me and taking pictures of me. One of them shouted 

"Look the fat girls trying to bathe in ice scream, Love we know you love food but that's unnecessary."

Lily and Courtney heard that. They had a go at them shouting

"Who do you think you are? You're all pathetic picking on my little cousin."

The leader of the group who is called Serena. She tried sticking up for herself and the girls by fighting back. Then Courtney slapped her and said calmly 

"Would you like to try that again."

I giggled a bit, they ran off. I knew I was going to get it though. Courtney and Lily picked me up and took me to the bathroom to help me clean up. They asked me variety of questions like how long it had been happening and who were there. There was loads more but I tried to make sure they didn't know they were bullied. When I was cleaned up we went back to our table with more ice cream. Everyone else sat there laughing while they ate there ice cream. All I did was sit there and poke my ice cream in disgust. I was too fat already, I cant eat this. I tried to have one spoonful and I could feel the nausea building up. I ran to the toilets to be sick. Once I was done I washed my hands, looked in the mirror. I was pale and under my eyes were dark. Wow I'm only young and I have dark bags under my eye like cousins who stay up until half three. I splashed a bit of water in my face and I felt calmer. I walked back in and gave my ice cream for my cousins to share between them. We left to go home but when I reached my car I looked back to see all the girls stood there smirking and laughing. I just climbed in the car with tears in my eyes. My Mum and Dad drove me and my older brother home while I sat there in silence looking out the window. Now I am at home on my bed crying about today. I need to sleep now because its Christmas tomorrow. 
Night Diary.

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