Lost In the Sea Of Darkness

This is the diary of a bullied girl. Her name is Ivy Danger Devious.She has no one to talk to but she writes everything down in her diary. Everything they say to her, do to her and how she feels. Will things brighten up or will they get worse?


6. 21/12/2010

Dear Diary,

Well the fun was good while it lasted. When I had gone back to school for the last day. People tripped me, hit me, shoved me, kicked me, tormented me and more. Nothing new except a few bruises and cuts. Well at least these will heal but the mental scars will never go away. The way they embarrass me in front of people.They call me names like Fat, Stupid, Freak, Ugly, Unloved cow, Useless and so much more. I am fed up.

I have had to tell my only friends the news today. I am moving to Florida for about a year. My dad says he just wants us to get away from here for a while. It will be like a really long holiday but it involves school.Well I will be coming back and I will go to the high school they will all be going to. I am going to change in Florida. Any way only my friends and teachers know. I am leaving in two weeks. My dad says in Florida I can do Gymnastics, Piano and dancing. Something that will keep me entertained and get me some friends. Also when I get back I will be able to compete in Gymnastic competitions and better dancing lessons. Which might help me for when I come back. When I get back I will be a new person. I will also try avoid bullies when I come back but that plan, well I don't know if it will work. Well after I told my friends they freaked out a bit but when I told them I was coming back they calmed down a bit. Lily didn't seem that bother she just said oh no then walked off. Well anyway the bullies didn't know today was my last day here but why would they care? They either pretend like I wasn't there, like I was invisible. No one cares. Why should I care about anything? Also there was the people that screamed names at me or hit ,kicked ,punched ,tripped or slapped me or anything else you can think of. Why me? Why do I have to put up with this rubbish? you would never expect a shy eleven year old to be depressed would you? I am fed up of life and being picked on for no reason. Sometimes I wonder why life is worth living? I hardly ever have anyone to go to. Yes I have the girls but Lily hates me and they are always with her.  I can't be with her they ditch me or something happens and I either get so mad I leave or I am forced to leave from awkwardness or something similar. My family I can't talk to them about stuff they would more than likely try to do something about it and I don't need that right now all I need is someone to talk to and someone I know that is listening. I wish life wasn't so hard and unfair. Then again life is unfair and tough. I might be better in  Florida where no one knows anything about me but my family and hopefully they won't judge me. I will get friends for while I am there I am determined to. I am going to change my self completely into a popular girl. Here I feel so useless and unwanted. I keep my head down mostly and try to block things out but I still feel the cold glare of my class piercing my skin and the things they say still echos in my head. Sometimes I let tears fall every so often at school just because I cant help it I usually wait till I get home then cry in my room alone where no one can see or hear me. I hate it here if i cant leave here for a while I would rather die its a living hell here. I am fed up of being treated like I'm garbage.My so called friends leave me as if they don't want to be seen with me. I am leaving and when I come back I will be popular but I will be heartless towards all the horrid people who I am with now. And diary I have some more news and its bad. Dad says because its a new start in a new place for a year he told me one thing. I wasn't happy about it. Diary I have to put you in the attic in our new home that's in a box until next year when we come back. He says it will help me focus on getting new friends and help me get smarter and more talented at the things I want to do I am sorry diary. I will write on the plane home when we go home. I will tell you everything when I get home. I have to go now I have to start helping pack our stuff away.

Bye diary 

Ivy xx

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