Forever Alone

Eclipse cannot find a place where she belongs. No-one seems to want her and no-one seems to need her in their life. Will Eclipse ever find a place where she is truly needed?


5. North Dakota

Airports are a nightmare. I am sure that many of you know this but for a horse it is the worst sensation ever. Being cramped in a small space with lots of other animals, then being loaded onto Animal Aero to travel for hours.

I am led to believe that the humans transporting me to this airport told the humans on the plane that it was my fault about the accident at the racecourse. Of course this is not true and it was not my fault, however humans will communicate lies to each other so that they appear to be innocent.

Taking off in this plane was the worst experience of my life, even worse than the boat journey of over two hours. You might think that's ridiculous, as taking off only lasts for a few minutes, whereas the water travel lasts much longer. However, when you experience it as a horse, you are thrown backwards in your horse box as the plane angles upwards. The accent is so steep and sudden that your ears pop and your vision swirls as your head feels funny. Then you eventually get to the right height and being that the highest I have been from the earth's surface is only a mere couple of metres, suddenly being dragged up to several thousand million metres is a little life-changing to say the least.

Then there is the landing. It is almost as bad as taking off except in the opposite direction and on a different piece of strange land. The plane angles down and you begin to slide forwards, then your ears pop again with the change of height. Last of all is the jolting thump as the plane hits the ground, but it is not last as the plane continues to roll forwards and you are just begging for it to stop.

However, I managed to survive my journey and I hear the humans say that this place is called North Dakota.


I was fed up of the flashing lights, suffocating heat, itchy blankets and bridles that were too small or too big. This horse dressage-fashion show was really getting on my nerves.

The moment that I had left the Animal Aero collection point at the airport; I had been hauled away by someone who claimed to know me, shoved on another horse truck, dragged into this hot building, pulled into a back stage, had uncomfortable horse wear draped over me and been paraded round in circles for three hours. My throat was burning, I was exhausted, my stomach was aching with hunger and my legs were shaking with the lack of energy consumption.

After two more hours on top of the three, my body had had enough. I was just turning round the all-important corner at the end where the humans flashed the most lights at me and I collapsed. I felt the world sway and tip sideways before I was staring at the people's feet as my head was on the floor. I felt my eyelids become gradually more heavy before everything went completely black.


"But she is famous! Even with her fainting thing last week, everyone loves her! It shows her determination, as most of our other horses would have refused to go on hours before she collapsed. She's a fighter! Just you wait and see, people will love her!"

The raised voices outside my room ceased for a while, so I used the precious silence to close my eyes and relax for a bit longer. It was so much cooler back here than on the stage platform, so that made it one hundred percent better here.

Tell you what is even better, the voice was right, people do love me. I have never been famous or loved this much before. Yes, I miss my herd and yes, they did all love me but this is different. The humans love me, every human wants me as their horse, everyone wants the products because I wear them. I think I could get used to this life.

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