Forever Alone

Eclipse cannot find a place where she belongs. No-one seems to want her and no-one seems to need her in their life. Will Eclipse ever find a place where she is truly needed?


6. North Dakota- Part Two


Life is much better now, so much better than that absolutely terrible first week. At least I am kept well cared for. Every hour I have a half hour break to relax and cool down a little. Harriett, the human looking after me, says that I get so hot in the studio because of the bright lights that shine on me. All the people are so kind, I have never had better people looking after me.

There is Harriett, who is my main carer, and she goes everywhere with me. Mickey is also great and he takes care of my food and water; Daniel makes sure that I have comfortable accommodation to sleep in and he makes sure it's clean and tidy. Eliza does all of the paperwork and organizes things like travel and where we will be going next. Clara dresses me in all the gear and makes sure I look presentable. Bella and Alex look after the other horse, Scarecrow. The humans wanted to make sure I had a horse companion on all my journeys, so for once in my life I don't actually feel alone.

Odd, because when I was at home with the rest of the herd you'd have thought I would have been far from alone. However, being here has made me realise something: I have always been alone because even surrounded by family, there was no one there for me, no other horses my age and no other horses I felt I could talk to about anything.

Scarecrow is different. I can talk to her about anything and I know she won't leave me, unless the humans make her. One thing I learnt about the humans, if things don't go their way, they are willing to do anything in their power to make sure that it does.


I think my spine is broken, or at the very least damaged in some way. It hurts so much now, that I've begun shying away from Clara, who puts the tight saddles on me. I have heard from Harriett that people are noticing something strange.

One day, Eliza comes storming into the studio (luckily it was just a run through of an advert act) and begins shouting and crying in front of everyone. She suddenly grabs me by my bridle and drags me back stage, whilst also indicating that Harriett, Clara and Daniel follow her. She stands there, fuming, still with a firm grip on my bridle which is actually cutting into my cheek, and begins hissing instructions very quickly to the other three. From what I understand, Daniel has been ordered to find 'solitary confinement' for me, Clara has been told to go and cancel all the show outfits and Harriett had urgent words muttered in her ear which I didn't catch. Eliza practically shoved me away and marched out again. From what I can guess, it's nothing good.


Harriett keeps looking at me with pity in her eyes and it's strange because one time, I caught her crying. She was watching all of my things being packed away when she turned to stare at me. I could tell that she saw something in my eyes, probably the sadness that lingered there from Scarecrow's departure, (she had to be taken away as I wasn't acting anymore) as I miss her with all my heart and I can't seem to pull my thoughts away from the times we spent together.

Harriett must have seen my misery and came over to me, gazed into my eyes for a few moments and then seemed to physically throw herself on top of my back before bursting into tears. She was making these strange sobbing sounds while I stood there quite awkwardly. It always shocks me when these humans have their emotional outbursts and this time was no different. I don't understand where I'm going but I hope that Harriett, Clara, Daniel and all the others forget about me. I will not be the cause of their misery.

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