Forever Alone

Eclipse cannot find a place where she belongs. No-one seems to want her and no-one seems to need her in their life. Will Eclipse ever find a place where she is truly needed?


3. North Carolina

If I said the train made a terrible journey, it's nothing compared to the journey on water. It took the humans hours to persuade me to get on this thing. I was determined that animals are meant to stay on land, and there was no way they were going to get me on water. I knew that the humans were reluctant to use the sleeping gun that they like to call tranquilizers but in the end I think they had no choice.

Humans don't understand but those fluffy ended pointed needle things hurt an awful lot. One minute I was shot with one of those innocent looking things, then the next I hit the floor and the darkness took over.

The next time I came round, I was on water. The rocky motion was making me feel sick. I had heard from the humans that the seas were rough today making it terrible weather for floating monsters. Or boats, ships and ferries as they like to call them. This time I shared my stable with no-one. I felt alone.


Not so long later, we stopped. A very kind looking man came into my stable and clipped a bridle on me. He led me slowly and gently out onto the ship deck so we could get off. I was thankful as my stomach was still complaining. However, when we got onto the land my legs were still shaking and tricking my brain into thinking that I was still being tossed around on the water.

The man laughed a little at my unsteadiness and said "it's okay girl. We're on land now. Relax my sweetie."

I lowered my head a little and stopped so I could get my balance back. The world stopped rocking so much but when I lifted my head, I was so dizzy that the world began to spin uncontrollably. The man stroked my neck and then put his arms around it and cradled my head on his shoulder.

After a while, the dizziness stopped and I stepped away from the man. I was just a little shaky after being in such close contact with a human. He smiled warmly and led me away from the docks, over the horizon so we could see where we were. It was beautiful. Not as good as Florida but still lovely.

The man said in his gentle voice "well beautiful, welcome to North Carolina".


Another horse box took me away from the docks to a busy place. It was noisy, crowded and horrible. Luckily we passed the busiest part and continued on to some stables. These were luxury stables, suited for the best horses. I was shocked when I was led over to one after being unloaded.

My new loose box was spacious, warm and the best so far. A loose box, for those who don't know, is a particular stable where a horse is free to move and is not tied up. These are much more preferable, as it allows freedom.

I was still confused as to where I was though. I lifted my head over the front door of the stable and peered around. There were many other horses here, most looked warm and cosy. They were well looked after here, as I hoped I would be too. I twisted my head round to look at another horse, also with their head out. I whinnied softly and he turned to look at me with bright brown eyes. He was very attractive. Of what I could see he was a gorgeous coal black with a white stripe down his face. I looked down in embarrassment but gathered enough courage to ask: "excuse me, I wonder if you could tell me... where am I?"

He snickered a little, but only as cute teasing, and said "well, well, new are we? My dear, you are at a racecourse."

I tilted my head and asked "what's a racecourse?"

This time he snickered fully and turned once more to stare at me and say "what are you? a foal?" I guess he caught my confusion as he said "never mind. You are going to be trained to race."

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