Forever Alone

Eclipse cannot find a place where she belongs. No-one seems to want her and no-one seems to need her in their life. Will Eclipse ever find a place where she is truly needed?


2. Florida

The jerky motion was beginning to make me feel sick. The huge iron monster had been hauling it's carriages up and down hills, round sharp bends in the mountains and steaming through the dust for a long time now. It was now the middle of the night and I was exhausted. We could sleep all we liked on the 'train' but I was unused to travelling in this way and couldn't sleep.

Suddenly there was a piercing screech as the train jerked to a halt. The huge doors slid open with another squeak and three men came to collect us. To be honest I hadn't even noticed that I was sharing a carriage with two other horses. I lifted my head to swiftly observe them: one was a speckled male who seemed a little too confident for my liking. The other was a complete opposite. Female, plain white, shy and flinched at everything. I know, we horses are technically grey but she was pure white, as white as fresh snow. Beautiful if I was honest, I was a small bit jealous of her.

I tossed my head and trotted down the ramp. It was sunny. Amazingly sunny. None of that hot, dry, sun that we had in Texas. This was gorgeous warm sunshine that made the scenery glisten with light rays. I heard the humans call this place Florida.


More monster machines came to take us further away from my old home. I was stuck with the over-confident speckle and the shy female. We had three more horses join us for our next journey. One skewbald, one piebald and one horse that had a pale grey body, black mane and tail and white socks. The skewbald and piebald seemed to be attached to each other as the humans had to physically drag them apart to get them in separate stalls. The multi-coloured horse was fairly calm and didn't need much handling by the humans as she responded to the slightest touch. This second journey took us to an old stable yard. We were going to be sold.


I jogged round the pen holding my head high and tried to keep my strides long and even. Several humans called out complicated words and numbers that I didn't understand. My head was practically yanked out its socket when the man dragged me out of the ring. He handed me over to another man who led me away to an empty pen near to the road.

Some time later, a woman came over to my pen and gave me a pitiful look when she took me out again. She took me over to another monster, like the 'horse box' from earlier. I was guided in my the pitiful woman and the machine roared to life and took me away. From what I understood from the humans in the lorry, I had been rejected.

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