Me, Him, Us

I almost broke his ankle and he still loves me. We had a big fight and he still loves me. I am ordinarlly amazing and he still loves me. And guess what? I love him too. My name is Angie Blight. His name is Harry Styles. This isn't only my story but ours. No not a story but a tale :)



“Ready!” I yell down the dark, empty hallway. Where did they all go? Has a zombie apocalypse start? Did they get eaten? I heard whispers…if they were going to sneak up on me and scare me they better hope I don’t murder them with my shoe. OH my god. I know why its dark and empty…please god no…

“Surprise!” Everyone jumped out from random corners of the flat, cheers erupted along with a few happy birthdays. This is what I feared most. I knew they would all be crushed if I didn’t put on a bedazzling smile. Harry rushed up towards me wrapping his strong arms around my waist and twirling me in circles. My head became light headed, not a very good thing when you’re wearing 10” heels.  

“You are absolutely beautiful.” He whispers before kissing me quickly on my freshly painted lips. I blush a deep shade of red.

“Ewww no PDA! God that’s so nasty!” Louis says running up to me and engulfing me into a bear hug. I giggled. Harry glared at Lou who only shrugged and continued to twirl me in circles just like Harry did.

“Lou bear put me down! I can’t walk in these shoes much less walk in them when the whole world looks likes its tipping!” He reluctantly dropped me to the ground. I felt my knees buckle underneath me, I tripped over something, which were probably my own feet. Don’t they know that they shouldn’t trip over themselves? Like seriously what is up with them? You probably guessed it, I started falling. Everything became all slow motion-y. It was both absolutely terrifying yet an extremely interesting phenomenon. Muscular arms grabbed onto my chubby waist holding me close to their chest, I look up to meet warm chocolate eyes. They reminded me of hot chocolate, auburn and cozy. They were hidden behind long black eyelashes that made me jealous for a split second before I started blushing because I realized I must be staring at Zayn with great intensity.  

“Careful now Angie, don’t want anyone else to get hurt.” HE said with a glowing smile which I somehow returned considering I was mesmerized by his eyes. No not mesmerized but hypnotized which I guess are the same thing but hypnotized seem more…accurate? Uh oh I should reply or I’ll make him uncomfortable…or get Harry in a little fit of envy.

“That was one time!”

“Um actually that was twice so far…and god knows how much more times you caused anyone a broken bone.” Niall said proving me wrong. I glare at him. He looks up at me with a look of confusion. “What that is what happened!” He said defensively in his cute Irish accent. I laugh and give him a hug.

“I didn’t break a bone…just gave a few people bruises. You know like a little gift showing my love towards them.” I tell Niall. HE laughs before sharply turning his head towards the door.

“Pizza’s here.”

How…” I began before the doorbell rings and Niall skips of. I smile, relishing the moment of how that boy is 19 and still acts like he’s 9. My peace didn’t last long. I got ambushed from the back by a few people I call my best friends.

“Happy birthday Angie!” Lottie and Soph scream, each into a different ear.

“Thank you, my ears have officially lost all hearing ability but at least I’m 18.” I say sarcastically before turning around to return the hug they were giving me.

“I hate to break this Kodak moment but I’ am in dire need of talking to the birthday girl.” My face falls for a split second. I let go of my friends and face Alex.

“What do you need?” I look him right in his un-real blue eyes.

“Can I whisk you away for a little while? Please?” His voice was tainted with absolute despair it broke my heart.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Harry says stepping into our conversation; he placed a caring arm around my shoulders. I didn’t realize he was still there; he’s been so silent…I make a mental note to ask him about it later but I know I’ll forget so that was useless.

 “It’s alright Dimples, I’ll be right back. Go mingle with the guests; I can just feel how their desperate for you to leave my side and join them,” I say smiling up into his emerald orbs. He hesitates but nods, he leaves before planting a quick kiss on my lips winning a quick glare from Alex. He recovered rapidly making sure I didn’t notice. But I gave him a look clearly stating I did, he glanced down at his shoes. HE took my hand and led me towards the hallway, we turned into the first room on the left, it turned out to be the bathroom. We walk in. Alex locked the door behind us making sure no one can entre or disturb from telling me what was so important to him which made him look raw with emotion.

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