Me, Him, Us

I almost broke his ankle and he still loves me. We had a big fight and he still loves me. I am ordinarlly amazing and he still loves me. And guess what? I love him too. My name is Angie Blight. His name is Harry Styles. This isn't only my story but ours. No not a story but a tale :)


11. Someones pissed...

“Dimples I need to ask you something…”

“Yeah…?” He asked cautiously.

“What is the big secret that I am not allowed to know about?” HE breaths out with relief. Was he expecting me to break up with him or something? Crazy boy.

“Don’t worry about it you’ll find out in an hour or two.” He said smiling.

“I hate surprises!”

“I know Evie but you will love this one.” I role my eyes, he plants kiss on the crown of my head and places something in my hand.  “Alex called 4 times, he told me to tell you to call him as soon as you wake up.”  I look down and see the object was my iPhone. “I’ll give you some privacy.” He said glumly.

I dialed Alex’s number, he answered on the first ring.

“Evangeline Blight! I was so close to hunting you down!” he screamed into the phone.

“Um…why? I was with Harry…”

“That’s why!”

“OK call your tits woman…er man.” I tease.

“I like it when my tits aren’t calm.” He plays along to my tease, I giggle.

“Did you the dirty with Harry yet?” When he said Harry’s name he spat it out like it was a horrible disease.

“Why do you hate him so much?” I ask not bothering to answer the question, even though we didn’t. I am not my mother.

“Because I don’t think he right for you…but you seem to really love him…”

“I have to call bullshit on your reason. That is such a stupid reason! It’s like when you answer a question with a because.”

“Arg what do you want me to tell you Freckles?!” Using such a harsh tone, he’s never yelled at me like that.

“What the hell crawled up your arse and died?!” I shoot back.

“The thought of you being with him!”

“Oh Alex grow up.”

“Whatever Evangeline, I have to go. Bye.” Then he hung up on me. That dirt bag! He purposely called me Evangeline just to peeve me, ass. How the hell is he my best friend?

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