Me, Him, Us

I almost broke his ankle and he still loves me. We had a big fight and he still loves me. I am ordinarlly amazing and he still loves me. And guess what? I love him too. My name is Angie Blight. His name is Harry Styles. This isn't only my story but ours. No not a story but a tale :)


4. My mother

When I walk into my apartment I notice the lights were on. How peculiar…as I pass through the kitchen I see a bottle of wine and champagne open sitting on the counter waiting for me as they do every Friday night. I sigh. She’s either drunk or has a boy toy. Oh please dear god let her be drunk its way better than her having a boy toy. Arg.

As Lottie oh so nicely pointed out, I am the biggest klutz in the universe. BIGGEST, therefore I just had to stub my toe on the door and let out a loud howl of pain.

“Evangeline?” I heard my mom slur my name from her bedroom. Then I heard whispering. Shit it was boy toy Friday today, good grief. I manage to catch a few fragments of sentences: she’ll leave, I don’t know and stay sexy. Arg. This is worst then finding your parents making out.

“Evangeline, I want you to leave the house. You have 10 minutes starting now.” My mom says stepping out of her room in her white bathrobe.

“Yes mother.”

“Oh and take you filthy mutt too, he slobbered all over my new Gucci shoes.” I rushed to my room feeling my mother’s gaze the whole time. I never bothered to argue with her, there’s no point. She’ll just slap me or when I was younger she wouldn’t feed me for the day. She never wanted me, so I don’t get why she didn’t set me up for adoption. You never know with my mother.

“Sorren! Come here boy!” I pat my knees loud enough for the dog to hear. He clambered out from under my bed and jumped on me. “Down boy!” I say giggling. NO matter what happens to me I know Sorren will be there for me, he was apparently my father’s.

I sling the backpack over my shoulders put the leash on Sorren and head towards the door. I could hear my mother’s shrill laughter and the man’s. Shivers ran down my spine. I feel disgusted to have the same name as her. Was she really that lazy to name?

Just then I hated her with such a passion it burned not only in my heart but in my soul. I slammed the door with all my might when I left knowing that this scene will cause me a slap or a lecture tomorrow but I didn’t care. She was ungrateful and a horrible mother.

Shit balls ass. I forgot my wallet. Are you fucking kidding me?! I check the time on my iPhone, 2:38 am. Great, just great. Stupid mother and her…um…endeavors. Who could I call that can take me in? Not Charlotte or Sophie they’re sleeping and I don’t think their parents will be thrilled about a me knocking on their door 2:38 in the morning.

After scrolling through my contacts I see Harry’s name. Should I call him? He would probably be asleep by now…he had a concert and is probably shit tired…but I have no one to turn and I don’t feel like spending the night in the hall like the last time I forgot my wallet. I take a breath and make the call, praying Harry wouldn’t be too pissed at me.

“Evie you ok?” he answers on the first ring. He didn’t sound like he was sleeping, thank god.

“HI Dimples um...I hate to ask you of a favor at this hour but I really have no on to turn too…”

“Go ahead love, I’ll help the best I can.”

“Well can you pick me up from my apartment…I got kicked out for the night…”

“Was it because you were late? I’m so sorry Evie!”

“Oh no it’s not that my mom doesn’t care it’s something more…awkward?” I ask the last part more a question then an actually statement.

“Awkward? Never mind, will you tell me though? Eventually?” he asks with hope in his voice.

“Yes, but please pick me up. I also hope you don’t mind but I have a labradoodle with me…”

“No I don’t I love dogs!” I gave him my address and we hung up.

“Come on Sorren let’s go wait in the lobby.” I tell the dog as we start to make our way towards the elevator door.


Voila! i know really short and its kinda..bleh but it talks about Angies past which is very important to the whole plot so bear with me for now.

PS i mightn ot uptdate until friday my teachers decide to give a shitload of stuff to do...but ill try my best!! byyeeee loviess xx


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