Me, Him, Us

I almost broke his ankle and he still loves me. We had a big fight and he still loves me. I am ordinarlly amazing and he still loves me. And guess what? I love him too. My name is Angie Blight. His name is Harry Styles. This isn't only my story but ours. No not a story but a tale :)


12. My birthday...?

Someone knocked softly on my door. Sophie then poked her head through ha little crack.

“Hey Angie how are you doing baby girl?” I role my eyes at her choice of words. Baby girl my butt.

“I’m great Soph! Come on in!” I smile warmly at her. She enters with a re-usable Tesco bag. “What’s in the bag…?” I ask carefully not to scare her off. If I make any sudden movements she’ll get to frightened and get Charlotte to do the talking.

“A dress! We’re going clubbing today to celebrate a special someone’s birthday!” Her eyes twinkle with such excitement its fascinating.

“Who?” The twinkle in her eyes dims as she looks at with the wtf look.

“You forgot again didn’t you?”

“What did I forget this time?” I say exasperated.

“Your own birthday smart one. “ Oh that. I hate my birthday, each year its nothing but a big disappointment. My mom would take this as an opportunity to invite he friends to our apartment where they would get drunk or get high. Usually they would do both. I never got presents but this one time I got a parcel from one of my mom’s many husbands, it was a beautiful china doll. It resembled me so much it was creepy at first but then I considered the doll as my younger sister. I loved her. Until my mom noticed her. She took it smashed against our wooden floor. She was so angry with me she slapped me and left for 2 days. Where she went I don’t know. I was only 12. I shudder at the horrible memory.  

“Oh right…but I hate my birthday and you know it.”

“But sweetie the boys don’t know that and they would very much like to spend it with you.” She smiled at me and handed me the bag. “Everything is in here, put it all on and meet us in the kitchen. You have 40 minutes.” Sophie left leaving me to discover what clothes where picked out for me.

The dress was black with equal golden lines, it was covered in sequences. It was gorgeous. I lie out on my bed. Next I take out black pumps. The heel was big…how the hell am I supposed to walk? They looked cute but impossible to walk in…plus I’m a klutz. A klutz plus pumps equals disaster. Who’s the genius who decided that it would be a brilliant idea to have a me walk in heels? I dump out the rest of the contents of the bag, a makeup bag and a small blue velvet box. I open it and see golden hoops. My mouth dropped to my knees. I am in love. I check the time, I have half an hour to get ready.

I shower in under 10 minutes and throw the attire on. The dress came up to my mid-thigh, it was a bit short for my liking but I showed of my legs and I liked it. Usually I hated it showing it off but this dress and heels made them look pretty good…for once. It gave me a sexy look which I don’t usually sport. For the makeup I give my eyes a smokey look. I stare at myself, picking out all the small imperfections. Why should I care about them now? I have great friends and a special boy in my life who loves me. Screw them all I am celebrating my birthday!


wow its already the 12th so proud of my baby <3 ;) I updated like 3 chapters since i didn't update since like sunday :/ sorrrrryyyyyyy!! xx


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