Me, Him, Us

I almost broke his ankle and he still loves me. We had a big fight and he still loves me. I am ordinarlly amazing and he still loves me. And guess what? I love him too. My name is Angie Blight. His name is Harry Styles. This isn't only my story but ours. No not a story but a tale :)


21. Mum and Gemma say hello

Since it was about 6 in the morning I drank my coffee black, trying to wake me up so I don’t look like some ugly sloth in front of Harry’s parents. That didn’t exactly work because as soon as we started driving I defined the caffeine and fell asleep so the car ride seemed to go by in seconds. 

“Angle we’re here.” Harry says waking me up with a quick kiss on my lips. I open my eyes to see that we’re sitting in front of a cottage like house. So this is where Harry grew up.

“I am so nervous Harry…I am dying inside! Did I smudge my makeup? What about my hair? Good lord I slept on it I must look like some homeless raccoon!” I start rambling, an old and nasty habit that I can’t manage to shake off. Harry smiled with amusement as I begin to comb my hair with my fingers; he grabs them and presses them to his lips.

“Evie you look wonderful now let’s go before my mom decides to start a search party.” He grabs our duffels, bottle of wine and the desserts we made together. Now that is a totally different story and requires so much time!

“Ok ok ok, come on before I pass out from nervousness.”

“I’ll always be there to catch you Evie.”

“Thanks Dimples you’re a sweetheart.” I inform him, he sends me a smile that instantly eases the knots in my stomach. We make our way to the front door, Harry rings the doorbell. I can hear it echoing inside the house, a few seconds past before we heard so much commotion behind the door.

“Don’t worry they won’t kill ya.” He assures me must be feeling my unease. I was about to reply when the door burst open and a pretty dark haired brunette opened the door.

“Harry!” She exclaimed before throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him on the cheek. I shot of jealous shot through me but quickly passed. “You must be Angie! I am so excited! You are the first girl who Harry decided to bring home! Finally. You know I was beginning to lose hope in my dear, old brother.” She explains to me before again throwing her arms around my neck.

“Gemma don’t kill my girlfriend.” Warmth spread to me when he called me that, it made so happy knowing I was his and he was mine. Nothing could tear us apart, even the little bump in the road at the begging of our journey.

“Harry Edward Styles is that any way to talk to your older sister?!” I heard an older version of Gemma, who I am guessing is his mom, cry out in bewilderment.

“Mum!” he screamed rushing over to the woman and embracing her with such force it looked like she was having trouble breathing.

“Harry don’t kill mum!” Gemma yelled hugging the two. I was beginning to feel like a third wheel…or is it the fourth wheel? Like a bike with trainers on?

“Harry, sweetie don’t be rude and introduce me to this beautiful girl you’ve finally brought home.” His mum told him after they’ve finished laughing and hugging.

“Right sorry, this is Evangeline Blight, but I call her Evie. You guys call her Angie.” He instructed his family.

“Hi nice to meet you, Mrs. Cox.” I say smiling stretching my hand out…where we supposed to shake hands? Should I hug her like Gemma hugged me?

“Oh darling put that hand away and come give me hug! You’re part of this family now!” So I did what she told me. She hugged me in such a motherly way I nearly broke down in tears. I hugged her back with the same ferocity. “Please call me Anne, on second thought Mum would be more appropriate since you are family.” Beside me Harry groaned.

“Mum we didn’t get married.” Harry mumbled clearly embarrassed. Anne or Mum glanced at me and winked. I now see where Harry gets his little winking habit.

“Not yet any way sweet pea, I see the way you look at this beautiful girl.” She said making both me and Harry blush at the exact same moment. “See you guys even blush in sync! How adorable!”

“muuuuuuuum” Harry dragged on, now even more embarrassed than ever. I on the other hand enjoyed this little…scene? Theatrical number? Whatever this is, I enjoyed it.

“Now, now Harry there is nothing to be ashamed of.” His mother said sternly with a amusement. “Now I want both of you to go out to the back bungalow and unpack your bags.”

“Wait what?” I wonder out loud.

“Harry’s father built a little bungalow in the back, that’s where you two will be sleeping. I thought you two would like some privacy after our hectic family reunion. I am not one of those over protective parents I know you two sleep in the same bed.” She explains to us winking at me again. After I few seconds both me and Harry get her little innuendo and Harry groans again.

“Mom stop embarrassing me in front of my lady!” he protests.

“So it’s settled, now go show Angie where it is.” She tells him ignoring Harry’s previous comment. “After you two love birds are done meet me in the kitchen we’ve got a few things to go over!”

“Use protection!” Gemma calls over her shoulder. Harry sends her the death glare but that only results in Mum and Gemma snickering.

“Come on Angle I’ll show you where we’re staying.” Harry takes my hand and leads me through his house to the back. We passed many family pictures and I couldn’t help but notice how cute Harry was even as a baby boy.

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