Me, Him, Us

I almost broke his ankle and he still loves me. We had a big fight and he still loves me. I am ordinarlly amazing and he still loves me. And guess what? I love him too. My name is Angie Blight. His name is Harry Styles. This isn't only my story but ours. No not a story but a tale :)


10. Group hugs

Theeeee lonnng awaiitteedd chappter! bon appetite :P


“Is she dead?”

“I don’t know…poke it…” Someone then poked my face. “Maybe she’s still sleeping?”

“She’s been asleep for 6 hours…I am worried, maybe we should call Dr. Hotchkiss again?” I heard Harry say. You just hear the raw panic in his voice.

“Hi harry.” I say opening my eyes slowly. His eyes widened with shock but then a big grin spread across his face. He jumped onto the bed and wrapped his arms around my waist, burying his face in my neck. I giggle. “Harry your breath is tickling me.” I say giggling again…what is up with all these giggles? What the hell? I must be high or my brain is malfunctioning. It’s gotta be.

“Evie you scared the life out of me!” he said hugging me tighter.

“Why? It’s just a bump on the head!”

“You were asleep for 6 hours! You fainted in my arms! I thought you died! Don’t do that ever again!” he looked at me sternly from behind his curly hair.

“I promise!” I say kissing his lips lightly. That’s when I remember that Harry was having a conversation with someone…I look up to notice Louis and Zayn standing in the room awkwardly. Good grief. My cheeks began to turn warm. I look up at them asking them if they’ve seen us kiss…

“Yes we saw and heard everything Angie so don’t try covering anything up.” Louis said with a cheeky smile on his handsome face.

“What happened to hi how are you?” I asked with a smirk. HE only laughed, jumping onto the bed and wrapping his arms around my waist on the side that wasn’t taken up by Harry.

“Hey she’s mine!” He protested.

“Only Jimmy is allowed to protest and you’re not Jimmy!” he said sticking his tongue out at Harry who only shot a glare at him before hiding his head in my dirty blond hair.

“Victory for the sass master!” he said giggling before burying his own head in to my neck.  I laugh.

“YAY group hugs!” Said Niall bursting through the door. He too jumped on to my bed but since both sides of me where taken by Lou and Harry he decided to hug my legs.

“Come on Zayn there’s still a part of her free for you!” says Niall before realizing how bad that sentence sounded and smiled apologetically before hugging my legs tighter. I start to laugh and it wasn’t that attractive laugh but an ugly bwahaha type of thing, with a sexy snort in the middle setting the 4 boys around me into their own states of embarrassing laughter.

“I can’t I have to go call Perrie!” he says smiling, but before he left he came over and enveloped me in a warm hug. “Get better muffin!” he said winking and like that he was gone.

“Guys leave the pour girl alone! Out! All of you!” Liam said shooing all the boys out of the room. Harry stayed glancing between me and Liam giving us puppy eyes. Liam rolled his eyes but let him stay. “Angie I’m so sorry about the way me and Lottie acted, it was uncalled for.” He said his face all serious.

“It’s fine as long as the next time you guys go all cuddly I get to complain as loud as I want to and I have the right to throw something at you two. Deal?” I said arching my eyebrow.

“Deal!” he said smiling. HE gave me a reassuring hug like the 4 boys before him. “I brought soup.” He stated simply. He deposited the tray with the soup onto my lap.  “Don’t make babies!” he said jokingly before jogging out of the room because Harry was glaring at him with such intensity I was surprised how he managed it. He looked like Sheldon Cooper in that episode where he tried blowing people up with his eyes. Oh that boy.

“We’ll try but you know Harry!” I yell before he completely closed the door, I could hear him laugh. Harry turned his Sheldon glare to me.

“That was mean” he said; his face was as expressionless as a board but his eyes were filled to the brim with cheekiness.

“Just teasing Dimples.” I tell him digging into my soup. It was fantastic!

“Do you like it? I made it all by myself!” he said with much pride, like a little kid who was able to tie his shoes without the help of his mom.

“What a big boy you are! You deserve a lollipop!” I say in a motherly tone. He just grins showing me his pearly teeth.

“I don’t want a lolly, I am big boy. I need a big boy prize.”

“Do you now?” He nods.

“What will that be?”


“I hate guessing games!” I whine.

“You’re no fun! But since you’re my special girl I’ll tell you, I want a kiss.” He states simply. My breath hitched in my throat when he said I was his girl. I almost fainted all over again.

“Get over here then.” I say. He smiles wide before rushing towards my end of the bed.  I place my palms on either side and pull him in closer, very slowly.

“Stop being a tease.” HE says before crashing his perfect lips into mine.

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