Me, Him, Us

I almost broke his ankle and he still loves me. We had a big fight and he still loves me. I am ordinarlly amazing and he still loves me. And guess what? I love him too. My name is Angie Blight. His name is Harry Styles. This isn't only my story but ours. No not a story but a tale :)


8. Boo and Freckles

The 3 of us weren’t talking. Ok that’s a lie Charlotte and Liam where but they were texting each other instead of actually having a normal verbal conversation like a normal human. I felt out of the loop. I usually am but now since it’s my best friends and my new friends it hurt…a lot actually; like I wasn’t good enough to be around them. I shake my head; this nonsense has got to stop NOW.

“Where do you guys want to go?” I ask abruptly stopping resulting in Liam walking into my back and dropping his phone. I pick it up only to confirm that he indeed was talking to Lottie. Before I could read what about the phone got snatched out of my hands. HE shot me quick glare before saying, “Well we’re going clubbing tonight so you two need something cute.” He winked at Charlotte which sent her into a fit of giggles and smiles. Liam’s smile only grew winder. Good god. Not only is there a secret involving me but I am also a third wheel, could this day get any worse? And no life I don’t actually want it to get worst, it’s a rhetorical question.

“How about food before we try anything cute on?” Said Charlotte winking at Liam who giggled saying, “You’re just like our little Nialler, it’s adorable,” Lottie turned pink and batted her eyelashes. I think I threw up a little.

“Guys can you please go all cutesy after I leave? Please?” They both turn bright pink and look in opposite directions. “Thanks.” I say beginning to walk to the nearest café. The trailed behind flirting shamelessly. Can someone please strangle me with my hair?

We ordered our food. Liam and Charlotte where charring a milkshake and staring dreamily into each other’s eyes…can I please call the cliché police on them? This isn’t the 1960s nor a 60s movie, so please stop. The waitress came over to drop our food off. She smiled adoringly at them and only gave a sympathetically smile, which I returned before she left.

“Arg I’ve had enough! I am either a third wheel or out of the loop on some big secret which I know for a fact is about me!” I say angrily standing up. The both look shocked at my sudden outburst, a few customers looked in our direction, worry was written all over their faces.

“Angie sit down please, we didn’t mean to make you feel like that it’s just everything is going so well.” Lottie said sighing as she looked at Liam with big adoration. I fake gagged and rushed out of the cafe leaving the 2 love birds to their own devices.

I was fuming. I am not waiting until tomorrow to find out what the hell is going on, I am marching over to Harry and asking him. I will not take and of this bullshit, it has to stop. ASAP.

“Freckles?” I heard a familiar voice, I whipped my head around to see Alex standing on the other side of the street. My jaw dropped. I haven’t seen him in ages. HIS sleek black hair has grown out but his electric blue eyes are still the same as always. Memories rushed into my mind like tidal waves, engulfing me in so many emotions it felt unreal.

“Boo?” I say with the same tone, emotion passed on his face when I said his old nickname. I ran across the street nearly getting hit by a cab but I didn’t care. I rushed into his warm embrace. It felt natural, like breathing.

“What are you doing back? I thought you left to go serve the UK?” I ask looking up into his unreal blue eyes.

“I got shot in the lung, it was a miracle I survived. They sent me back for recovery.”

“Why didn’t you call? Or write? I thought you died or went missing!” I yell with frustration into his chest. I hit it lightly.

“I did write…all the time, everyday…didn’t you get it?”

“No…my mom she checks the mail…she must have…” we both realized what my mom did, we only hugged each other tighter.

“I’ve missed you Freckles.” He says mumbling into my dirty blond hair.

“I’ve missed you too Boo.”

“Evie? What are you doing hugging a random stranger?” Harry asked walking down the path. He was so angry you could actually see steam coming out of his ears. NO joke. OK fine I am, but if he was a cartoon smoke would be coming out of both the nose and ear hole.

“This isn’t just a stranger, Harry he’s my best friend in the whole wide world. He’s like my big brother. We’ve been through so much!” I say looking up at Alex who squeezed my shoulder, I glance at Harry who had this cute expression on his face where he was deciding if I was either lying or telling the truth. It was adorable, he looked like a confused puppy.

“I’ am Alex and you’re Harry?” Alex said stretching his free hand out to harry to shake. Harry refused to shake but still answered, “Yeah, thee Harry Styles.” Emphasizing the “the”. Alex snorted lightly and I hip butted him so he would show respect.

“You’re in that band yeah?”

“Yeah, One Direction, you heard of it?” it was like a throw down…or is it hoedown? Like in that Miley Cyrus song…well which ever it is the situation resembled an old western movie, a typical cliché western movie. With the rattling music and the narrowed eyes, the weird finger dance over the guns…there weren’t actual guns but I am trying to set a mood of fight.

“Like omg one Direction are so hot! Like totally! Especially Harry! His curls are like to die for like omg!” Alex said in a shrill voice, twirling his hair around his finger. I swallowed a laugh. This is about to get nasty.

“What the hell is your problem?!” Harry spat out, I gulped.

“You.” Alex stated simply.

“I say you’re jealous of my fame, money and my looks.” Harrys said smirking.

“Oh yeah I am defiantly jealous of a little tween pop star. Gimme a break would ya? Come on Freckles we have a lot of catching up to do.” He said turning me around. I glanced at Harry’s face who look like I’ve just kicked him in the heart. My heart broke. His eyes flared with anger. HE marched back the way he came without a single glance back.


Alex is based on my 2 best guy friends, love those boys!! they are like my big brothers who i love with all my heart <3 i've mushed them together by the way if you havent figured that out yet...just in case.. :P

ok thats about it, lots of drama is going on!! :D xx


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