Me, Him, Us

I almost broke his ankle and he still loves me. We had a big fight and he still loves me. I am ordinarlly amazing and he still loves me. And guess what? I love him too. My name is Angie Blight. His name is Harry Styles. This isn't only my story but ours. No not a story but a tale :)


22. Black lace

“Harold this is so quaint!” I exclaim as we enter the small bungalow. There was a cozy looking couch and arm chairs against one wall. The couch has been folded outwards to create a make shift bed like thing. It has already been made, the sheets and pillowcases we’re a lovely summer’s green.

“I am glad you like it! We’re spending 3 nights here!” he says. I could hear he was hopping to get luck me with me. Don’t get me wrong I wanted to but I was scared. What if I did it wrong? What if he only wanted me to sleep with me? I crossed the last question out of my list of worrisome questions since he would have left already. Wouldn’t he? I bury my thoughts deep down so they won’t resurface any time soon. I hope.

“You’ll never know what crazy, dangerous, lustful things might happen.” I say seductively. I could see he was trying not to think about it but was clearly failing.

“What kind of things?” He asks hoarsely. HE was clearly horny.

“Things like my black laced bra and matching undies ending up on the floor…” I trail on hoping he got the picture. By looks of lust in his eyes I see I’ve gotten my point across. I begin to trace my finger up and down his bare arms feeling the strong muscle beneath.

“Angle…” He whispered into my ear. I shiver but keep trailing my finger from one tattoo to the next.

“Something wrong Dimples?” He didn’t respond just looked at my lips hungrily, I licked them. I Could see his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed. The corners of my lips rise upwards. “Baby you can tell me, I won’t judge you.”

“You know I just undressed you in my mind.”

“That’s very naughty Harry. But you know you could do the real thing soon, yeah? Like tonight?” I bit my lip and briefly look down. I glance back up to his eyes, which are closed and I frown a little.

“Stop teasing me baby doll I won’t be able to control myself.”

“Baby doll?” I say kissing his jaw and working my up to the corner of his mouth, I can feel him shudder after each time my lips make contact with his smooth, strong jaw line.

“Mhm…” he manages to mumble before I crash my lips into his warm, comforting ones. He grabs me roughly around the waste and throws me down on our make shift bed. He crashed down but I rolled away in time.

“Save if for tonight baby doll.” I tell him winking before leaving the bungalow and making my way up towards the main house. Didn’t want his family getting the wrong vibe did I?

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