Me, Him, Us

I almost broke his ankle and he still loves me. We had a big fight and he still loves me. I am ordinarlly amazing and he still loves me. And guess what? I love him too. My name is Angie Blight. His name is Harry Styles. This isn't only my story but ours. No not a story but a tale :)


23. A preposition

I entre the house before Harry and lock the door behind me, another old habit and to tease my pour old Harold. He runs into the door with a loud smack. Foul words leave his mouth as he stumbles backwards trying to regain his balance. I whip my head around to see him bent over in pain. I gasp and ran to help him as it was indeed my fault.

“Oh Harry I’ am so sorry! I didn’t mean to! You need ice! Come on! Harry please take your hands away from your face I need to see the damage!” His hands still won’t budge from his handsome face setting my heart on a frantic race.

HE was slowly removing his hands which allowed my anticipation level to rise 50 million notches before dropping back down to zero as Harry was laughing. I scowl at him.

“Harry I was so frightened! Don’t ever do that again!’ I say punching him in the arm. I cross my arms and look at him sternly. As a result Harry just ended up laughing even harder. I then ended up picking a handful of snow and putting it down his trousers. His laughter ceased immediately.

“Oh no you didn’t!’ he said in a shrill voice snapping his fingers in a Z formation. I giggled and carefully nodded my head. I began running away but he was faster and tackled me to the grown. We both fell onto the white soft snow that soon became cold and wet. Yet we didn’t mind it, we lay there hand in hand giggling and making snow angles.

“Angle?” Harry asked shuddering from the cold.

“Yes Dimples?”

“I love you and so I want to ask you if you wanted to um…maybe mar…er…” he scratched his head but I knew what he was gonna ask.

“Yes I do.” I smiled at him and he smiled at with both relief and joy. He pulled out a small navy box with a beautiful gold ring with three diamonds on it, the one in the middle was bigger than the ones beside it. I let out a gasp who was accompanied by tears. I never cry. Not during Titanic or Marley and me, never. But here I was in the snow, wet, cold and crying. Who would have thought? The ring slid perfectly onto my finger. “Harry its absolutely beautiful.” I whisper leaning over to plant a kiss on my future husband's lips.

“Harry! What in the world did you do to the pour girl! You guys are going to catch the deathly plague!” I hear his mum yell at us from the back door. Harry groans and I giggle which in the end makes him smile. I feel so on top of the world. I think I could just float away like a balloon if Harry wasn’t holding my hand…my stomach is doing the flips on a roller coaster. I was wet and cold but I didn’t feel any of it only the warmth spreading from somewhere inside me to my fingertips. I was smiling like a dork but then Harry was too and I felt even better than before…I really do love that boy.

“Now I want both of you too…” She let the sentence drag on because she grabbed my hand and saw the ring shimmering in the light. She began crying faster than I did, she grabbed both of us in a tight hugged which resulted in me sobbing along with her. “I knew it! Didn’t I say it was going to happen?” She said when she swallowed her hiccups. “I am so happy…oh Harry you’ve grown up so fast! It’s not fair! I remember when you were so tiny…” She looked at her son and got teary again.

“Mum its ok, I’m still you’re little boy, I promise” he tells her with a warm smile never letting go of my hand.

“I know, I know but you’re so big now! Time flies…now both of you off to the showers! Go! I don’t want you’re beautiful fiancée to catch something frightful!” At that moment I knew this is what a family feels like. This is exactly what Sophie and Lottie experience everyday…all this felt like a warm blanket after you’ve been freezing for almost 18 years…

Anne propelled me into the bathroom giving another loving hug before closing the door. I washed off all the dirt and coldness but the dorky grin on my lips.

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