1 Direction imagines

i do any type of imagines (yes that includes sexual ones) so yeah.... just like comment name looks boy stuff u like to do etc. ill do them when i can


1. ex.

guitar lessons


You walk in to the music store and meet up with your guitar teacher, Niall Horan. he says are you ready and you just simply nod... and he takes you to a room with no windows in it and smiles and says "i would like to do something else today" and motions you to take off your shirt as you are told and Niall walk over to you and you guys start to make out and he licks your bottom lip and you approve and make a small slot for it to enter. As you wrap your lags around him you slip  you tongue into his mouth. Niall puts his cold arms on your back and unhooks your bra and gentally slips it off of your body then he takes off his shirt. you  stare at his abs he pulls close to you and starts to chew on your boob and he pulls off your pants along with your thong. you just ignore it.then he takes off his pants and boxers off and you just stare then Niall blushes and goes back to chewing your boob and you just ignore him and check the clock and say its time to go.then you guys get dressed and give him a peck. he sayssame time next week and you nod.....

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