A Chocolatey Mess

A simple and slightly humorous poem


1. A Chocolatey Mess

I looked innocent as possible, and thankfully,

Yes thankfully, I hid it away, ever so carefully.

And Annie just looks at me, silently scolding,

But I can't contain my smile as I think of unfolding.


So Annie finishes braiding my golden hair,

Then looks at me that way with that stare,

She knows, I know she does, just knows,

But, I'm so happy, and my happiness grows.


Mama comes in, tells us we must go,

So I pick up my coat, try not to be slow,

I can't help thinking of it, that wonderful gift,

The gift from that man with the funny sniff.


I smile, a skip in my step on the way,

Even though the rain is falling today.

I hear Annie say weather's really terrible,

And Mama agrees, “It's hardly bearable.”


But their words make me smile, it's not terrible,

That's because, to me, the weather's bearable,

With my secret hidden in the folds of my dress,

The secret, I know, will make a chocolatey mess.

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