When You Look Me In The Eyes

our fan fiction


5. YOU WON!?!

Alissa's P.O.V

I walked Zayn to the car. Oh. My. Gosh. I walked Zayn FLIPPING Malik to my car. ZAYN WAS GONNA RIDE IN MY CAR!! Calm, Alissa, calm. I realize i'm still smiling, like a dork when ever I get a dirty look from Bridget. I just give a confuesd look. I mean, I know she hates them, but she calls him WAYN, WAYN! She probably thinks he's someone else.

"B-Bridget this is..." A laugh to myself, "WAYN MALIK" and then I burst out laughing. Zayn gives me a weird look. I tell him that she doesn't know "One Direction" and he mouths "Ohh" and then looks at his feet, disapointed, then looks at me with a smile.. I start the car and shoot them both weird looks.

No One's P.O.V

Everyone's silent for the whole ride, but Zayn thought of saying something, exhailed, then closed his mouth and looked out the window. They stop at a gas station, and get gas, but not a peep.

They finally find a spot, which is weirdly right by Bridget's car. Bridget goes into her car, to get her sweater and her bag.

Zayn's P.O.V

I finally get the courage and break the silence. "The name's Zayn, Ms. Liddle." I whisper to her. Her eyes go huge and stares at me, "Ah! So it isn't Zayn  Malik, A buddy from the X-Factor, huh?" She says. I whisper, "Yours truely. Oh, and a VERY  famous singer." Her mouth opens, while Alissa giggles. "OH MY GOSH! YOU WON!?!" She yells, while Alissa facepalms herself. "Close." I whisper so Alissa won't react. She shoots me a confuesd look while I laugh.

We walk into the iTunes festival. We see Nikki Manaj and Justin Beiber, performing their new song. "OH MY GOSH! J.B IS HERE TOO!!!" Alissa yells, I can tell she doesn't care what people think about her, and I admire that. I stare at her, and actually observe her. She has beautifull aburn hair, that is certainly curly. Also, I just get lost in her chocolate brown eyes. Then I move on to her pink, lush, most likely super soft lips. She sees me and says, "Take a pic. It'll last longer babe." She says while winkng and taking 3 fingers pushing my chin up to close my mouth.

I blush and take my seat next to the boys. "Oh, we'll just go back to our seats." Bridget says, and quickly looks over to someone, probably the other boys, and runs off. Then I see a red faced, wet eyed, surprised Niall. Alissa apologies, and runs after her best friend. After they left, I walked over to Niall and sat down by him.

"Hey, dude. Come on. We're at the Itunes festival and we're about to perform soon." I tell him trying to cheer him up.

"B..but I lost my X-Factor friend. I haven't seen her in..in..in two years. And...and she's here. I..I.." He said, then started crying again.

I need something to cheer him up. This killed me to say this, but I had to. I gave the boys a look like they know what I'm talking about, and they gave me a look that made me think I was crazy. I gave them the "We have to do this so we can perform" look and said with a sigh "I am sorry to bring out the big guns, but..."

"WE ARE GOING TO TAKE YOU TO... NANDOS!!" The boys added on. His head perked up with excitement. He looked around, hoping to see that we brought him Nandos, when we didn't. When he noticed we tricked him, he began to tear up and buried his head in his face. I signal Liam and Harry to go and grab him. So they grab him and carry him to where we are going to enter. Well, let's hope the performance goes well.


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