When You Look Me In The Eyes

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14. Sirens blaring

Bridget's POV

My mum is still going all hysteric at me. She even called my dad at work and she's still yelling at him on how they raised an ungrateful daughter and that she can't stand me. Way to hurt my feelings, mum.

But on the other line, I can hear dad trying to calm her down and saying that she's overreacting. That I should date whoever, as long as he doesn't harm me. Well, dad, thanks for siding with me. But it's too late.

I sat on my bed, watching my tv. I know I'm never going to see another day of light thanks to the boys. Kaylyn took liberty and cared for me. She snuck food into my room, elevated my leg, all the other stuff.

"So you never told me how you broke your foot." She says to me.

"It's a long story." I reply paying attention to the tv. She sits beside me on my bed.

"C'mon, Bridgey!" She whines jumping up and down. "I won't tell a soul! Not even mum or dad or David or my own friends! Just please, tell me!"

This is what I get when I have a younger sister. I sigh and speak, "Well, you heard those rumors about Zayn supposively abusing a girl the day of the Itunes festival?" She nods her head, "Well, that girl was me, and he didn't do anything to me. He was trying to calm me down after I had this huge breakdown. So today, Whitney approached me and showed me that article. So I took my guitar and ran to the park. I see Niall there, he heard about the article, and then he let his anger out on the picnic table."

"Is this going anywhere?" She mutters of boredom. Man, even when I talk about my experience with...them today, she's bored.

"Now it will. Okay, so Niall let out his anger. So he tells me he has a girl on his mind." I pause and notice her pupils widening. "And he said that girl was..."

"This just in, reports show that One Direction's Niall Horan has been rushed to the hospital." The tv caught both of our attentions. Niall? Hospital? What happened?


Zayn's POV

I looked around the big ambulance car, with Perrie holding my hand next to me. This is crazy-Niall in an ambulance two times, in one week.

"Niall, what in the world were you thinking!? You have fans and you choose from one girl in the world- TO CUT YOURSELF!?" Louis ranted, getting the idea he can here him. He begged the drivers to let one more person in, him, for about the two minutes Niall was carried out of his room. Louis rambeled on to lifeless Niall, while I tried to get Perrie to stop crying. We finally arrived in very few minutes, and we tried to run in. They wouldn't let us in and that made Louis come up with this...

"But me and him are brothers! We wanted to keep it secret- For our sake!"

Oddly they didn't check any files they just let him in.

"And I-I thought they w-weren't going to l-let Louis in." Liam sniffled, Danielle crying on his shoulders. Eleanor, Harry, and Paul rush in. All three of them crying.

"How did this happen?!" Paul cries.

"He cut himself." I reply. "I went to the bathroom and saw him. Razor in hand, bloody wrist, pale as a ghost, oh god I can't even explain what I saw!"

The three were in shock. "Why would he cut himself?" Harry asks.

"Was it Bridget?" El asks after him.

"All I heard while they were wheeling him out was Louis yelling 'Niall, what in the world were you thinking!? You have fans and you choose from one girl in the entire world TO CUT YOURSELF!?' So it must have been Bridget."

As if on cue, Bridget comes in as fast as she could with some old crutches.

"Hey.. Mum forgave.. Drove me here... Crutches from Kay... Niall on news...." She leaned her back on the wall, her chest moving like her heart was breaking free. The rest of the gang exchanged glances to see who would break the news. Danielle got all the looks, and looked uneasy like she was going to throw up.

"Urm, yeah... Well, remember when you and Niall broke up.. He went home and did some planking- Which is what I did when me and Liam broke up so I would know... But urm he decided his life would go on an exciting rollarcoaster so..." Danielle answered taking up at least five minutes.

"He went to the bathroom, took my razor for my stuble- and pressed it deep into his skin." I finished quickly, hoping she didn't catch the 'deep' and 'skin'. Okay, now she looked paler then Niall. Her eyes went huge as she slid down the cream walls. She cried into her knees, and didn't look like she wanted to see him.

"Agh, I can't LIVE with myself," Bridget screamed. "I'm going to have to move to the chairs because I can't support myself here." Still teary eyed, I guided her up, grab her crutches, and she sobs and hobbles to the chairs. "This is ALL my fault!"

Eleanor wrapped her arm around her shoulder, trying to comfort her. "It's not your fault, Bridget. We all knew Niall was extremely depressed after you two broke up after only two hours. It's just that...we didn't know he would kill himself over it."

The doors swing open and out come a red eyed Louis and a doctor. "We're allowed to see Niall." Louis announced.

As we walk in, Harry blurts out, "Since when did you and Niall become brothers?" What the...oh, wait. He used the brother thing to get inside earlier.

"Since the dawn of time, Harry." He answered eyeing the doctor. If the doctor caught him lying, BOOM! We're out of here. After a long walk, and a few minutes of getting Bridget on her feet with Kaylyn's crutches, we reach room 1D. We all sort of snicker, except for Bridget.

The doctor then spoke to us before we entered. "Alright, so Mr.Horan is still in critical condition. He lost a lot of blood from the cuts and his heartbeat is somewhat slow. So if you can, unlike his brother here," Louis starts to wave to him like an idiot. "Please be calm when you see him."

We all nod, and Liam moves Bridget's head up and down showing that she agrees to the terms too. He opens the curtains and there he is.

Unconscious and slowing dying.

Niall Horan.

His right wrist was bandaged up from those deep cuts. The heart monitor was beeping slowly. The only thing that will scare all of us to death is if we heard that long toned beep and a straight line on the monitor.

Hold on tight, Niall. Please don't die.


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