When You Look Me In The Eyes

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11. Saving Bridget

Niall's POV

I called 911 shortly after I called Paul. When Paul came-along with the boys-an ambulance came behind them. My heart was rapidly beating and I can't breath.

"What happened?" Paul asked as the boys tried to calm me down.

"She...She...We running...Paps...Fell...Possi...Broken foot...Called yo...Blackedout...Scared..." I stammered. I can't even control what I'm saying.

"How did paps find you?" Harry asked.

"She...here...heard her...playing guitr...sat next toher...kissed her...flashs..." I try to say. Then I see her. Bridget Liddle. On a gurny. Breathing mask on her. This was nothing like when she blacked out two years ago.

"WHAT HAPPENED?!" I hear someone shout. I turn around and I see auburn hair and chocolate brown eyes running towards us.

"Alissa!" Zayn shouts.

"Who's that?" Liam asks.

"I'm Alissa, Bridget's friend." The girl answers shaking our hands. 

"Well, it's nice to meet you." I say to her.

"Thanks. Oh, and by the way, big fan of you guys." She informs us. But I'm too busy worrying about Bridget. It's my fault that I kissed her and my fault that she fell in that ditch and possibly broke her foot and my fault for her black out.

"Niall? NIALL?!" Liam shouts snapping me back to reality.

"What?" I ask.

"Paramedics want to talk to you." Louis replies.

"Oh, okay." I answer and we all walk over to the paramedics. They were asking me questions on what happened during the incident, how did this happen, and all the other stuff.

"Well, she has had some history with us." One of the paramedics said.

"How?" I ask concerned.

"Well, when she was little, she had a rare seizure. After that, she was diagnosed with a very VERY rare form of epilepsy." The other paramedic answered. 

"How rare?" Zayn asks.

"Very rare." The first paramedic answered, "Her body can't react to different situations that she has, so her system shuts down, causing her to black out. This normally happens when she's extremely nervous, which first occured to her about...oh, I don't know. Two years ago."

"She blacked out at Simon's house two years ago." Harry adds.

"Oh, thanks to you boys, but we absolutely HAVE to go!" I hear a woman shout, from the truck. They ask who should go into the truck with her and believe it ot not, I second guessed to go in there.

"Stay strong, Niall." The boys and Paul told me. I nodded and hopped into the ambulance with the woman. There she was. Bridget. Unconcisous. I nearly fainted, but the woman caught me.

"Stay calm, sir." She told me and guided me to a seat, and then the truck started to move, sirens blaring.

"Will she be okay?" I asked.

"Just needs the right type of treatment when we get to the hospital." The woman answered. I nod slowly, taking it in.

I slowly take Bridget's hand as if I would set a time bomb, if I did it wrong. I feel her cold hand, and start thinking.

"What if they don't treat it well, you'll kill her. You will have this on our back forever. Why did you have to come into her life, make it much crappier?! You are the most idiotic person ever!" I think into my mind, then I get back to reality when the lady talks.

"So, you her boyfriend?" The lady asks, pointing at her.

"Pfft, I wish." I say, lowering my head.

"Ah, so your her cousin?" Why does she think I can't be just a friend.

"No? I'm not, I barely look like her!" I reply, making her jump.

"Then, why are you holding her hand?"

I look down, and blush. I quickly yank it off, the truck stopping at the same time. I look around to see if I acidently set off an emergincy brake, but apperantly not. We rush into the room, and they stop me. Great, now I have to be in the waiting room.

As I sit down in the nearest chair, my legs start to jitter. The seat starts to move and make this noise. Oh god when will I get to see her! Waiting is not suiting me!

"Sir." The lady at the desk says to me, "Would you mind stop jiggling the chair? It's distracting me from my work."

My leg stops, and I blush. "Sorry." I mutter.

"You a friend of Ms. Liddle?" The woman asked.

"Thank you! Someone who understands I'm just a friend!" I cheer getting up from my seat and walking over to her. "But yeah." I answer. "I'm..."

"Niall Horan." She finished for me. "I know. My daughters are big fans of you guys. Oh, and the youngest said that if I ever got the chance to run into any of you, specifically you, she said to give this to you." She digs through her breifcase and pulls out a drawing and hands it to me. It was a drawing of me and it said and quote:
To: Nial Horon
You ar amazng!
Love: Annabell

"She's only six, but she's a bundle of joy." The lady said.

"I bet.." I agree, nodding my head. Acouple of nurses and doctors come out.

"Okay, who's going to see," The one whos closet to me says looking at her paper, "Ms. Liddle?" The boys and I all stand up, and they lead us to room 4311. There she is, hooked up to the heart thing, and it's awful slow. I go up to her, terrfied I did this to her. My eyes start to sting, as I do something I don't regret.

"Bridget Liddle, will you please be my lovely, funny, girlfriend?"

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