When You Look Me In The Eyes

our fan fiction


16. My decision

Bridget's POV

I swear I almost had a heart attack! When we heard him speak about looking for gold and your friend never forgets and Louis said something about the shovel or something, I knew that God has answered my prayers.

Niall is alive.

Doctors come in and check his blood pulse. Suddenly, his heart rate starts to drastically beat faster. All of the sudden, an even bigger miracle has happened.

After being in a coma for over an hour, Niall James Horan opens his eyes.

Louis was the first to hug him when he woke. "DON'T YOU DARE DO SOMETHING STUPID LIKE THAT AGAIN, YOU IRISH BOY!" He cried.

He hugs him back. "I won't Lou." He promises. He hugs everyone else until his beading bright blue eyes caught mine and notices me. "Bridge? How did you get here?"

I take a seat next to his bedside and set my crutches against the wall. I begin to tell him the story. "Me and Kaylyn heard that you were rushed to the hospital on the news. My mum decided to soften up and forgive me and the whole schnanagin that happened earlier and allowed me to come here. Oh, and these are Kaylyn's old crutches that I'm using. Then Zayn told me that you almost commited sucicide by cutting yourself because we broke up. Oh, Niall, I almost thought we lost you!" I cry.

"Well, if it wasn't for the doctors, I probably wouldn't be here right now." He says trying to get up, but he's struggling. "Listen, Bridget." He starts. "Losing you after all the Judges House, and then almost losing you as a girlfriend a few hours ago, they were the worst times of my life."

"Well, you almost died from cutting yourself, so technically I would say that was the worst time of your life." I state.

"Yeah. Whatever. But what I'm trying to say is..." He pauses for a moment and grabs my hand in both of his. I can see the bandages from where his cuts were. "Is that I don't want to lose you for a third time. Once as an X-Factor buddy, twice as a girlfriend. So please, Bridget Cassidy Liddle, the girl from X-Factor, the girl I met at Bootcamp, please forgive me and be my lovely, funny girlfriend?"

Everyone's staring at me, waiting for me to say something.

What do I say?

What do I do?

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