When You Look Me In The Eyes

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12. Meeting Girlfriends

"Bridget Liddle, will you please be my lovely, funny girlfriend?" I ask. Stinging feeling of tears slide down my cheeks. I wait, and wait, and wait. No reply.

I felt a hand placed on my shoulders. It was Zayn's.

"Don't worry about it." He told me. "She'll be fine."

"BUT WHAT IF SHE ISN'T?! WHAT IF SHE DIES AND IT'S ALL MY FAULT! I WAS THE ONE WHO BROUGHT HER INTO THIS MESS!" I yell, pointing at her. I can tell that he was not expecting that, because him and the boys jumped.

"I- I'm sorry, lads. I just, I like her so much. It should be me, I should be right there, in that bed, hooked up to all that junk. Agh, I'm talking rubbish, I shouldn't have even walked up to her. She was hanging with Cher, she had a friend. Stupid, stupid, stupid!" Facepalming myself, I turn to Bridget's bed, she was sitting up with a weak smile and a pale face. "OH-OH-OH, Bridget! I'm so so sorry, did you hear me, are you okay? Is this to much to process? Do you know me and the lads?" I ask, pacing and running my hands through the jelled hair.

"I heard you, Niall. Yes, no, and OF COURSE I know you boys. And, also, to the girlfriend thing?" She asks taking a breath, "I hope my mother aproves." I stare at her in disbelief, before punching the air. I run out the hospital, and as I hit the crisp air, and the snow, it goes like this.

"YESSSSSSSS!!! HOLY CRAP, YES!!! SHE SAID YES, I HAVE A GIRL OF MY OWN! HEAR THAT ENGLAND? HMMM? I GOT A GIRL!! YEAH!!" I scream, attracking fans, paps, and tourist. Uh-Oh, this got to be great.

I look around, and more people gather. I panick and zoom right in, going to the staircase. I run really fast, faster then I ever have. I zoom around the corner, and my toms screech while they make friction with the ground. I go to her room, and see their getting her the wheeling part, probably to look at her foot.

I'm out of breath, but manage to say, "Yeah. Hi. So...Ummm... I kind of ran into a little bit of trouble outside."

"What is it this time?" Harry asks helping Bridget onto the wheelchair. Her cast on her foot was a light shade of blue. It covered up to mid-knee.

"Well, let's just say that I kinda blurted out to England that I now have a girlfriend and there were fans, paps, tourists, and random hospital hobos around and I kind of created a crowd outside." I answer leaning against the wall to catch my breath.

"Niall, you know how Bridget is with paparazzi. That's how it caused the situation she is in right now." says Liam guiding Bridget in the wheelchair.

"Yes, I know." I reply taking my support off of the wall and walk over to Bridget. I kneel down by her side and look into her beautiful green eyes. "I love you. And you do know that right?"

She was silent for a moment. Then she leans in and kisses me. She's kissing me! Her fingers run through my hair. I kiss her back and instantly felt sparks between us. The moment was ruined when I felt someone flick my head multiple times. We broke apart and I looked to see Louis still flicking my head. The boys were looking at me weirdly, and even though we stopped making out, Louis is still flicking my fricking head.

"You mind?" I ask him.

"You were making out in front of us, dude." He told me and stopped flicking me. "And with a sickly injured girl!" I laugh at him, while I quickly thought of a comeback. Ah, yes... He is mad about Eleanor, I can use one of his 'mushy, cushy, love words' he uses.

"Haha, funny you say that Lou," I scratch the back of my neck akwardly, "Because, as I remark I found you and Ms. Calder growing found of eachother in  a hotel room. In fact-" I state, while Bridget does her adorible laugh, and Louis turns as red as a rose. He covers my mouth, before I could reveal what happened.... On the matress.

"That is classified information!" He yells. "If I told anyone about that..."

"Okay! Okay!" I say, but it doesn't come out clearly because his hand* is still covering mine. He moves his hand away from my mouth, and without hesistating, I blurt out "They made love with each other!"

"NIALL YOU ARE GOING TO GET IT THIS TIME!" He shouts and just like that, he chases me out of the room.


Bridget's POV

I couldn't stop laughing after Louis had ran after Niall. I mean, I shouldn't because he's my boyfriend.... But it was really dang funny, if you know what I mean. "Wait, guys.. Hold up, hold up!" I hollered around the room, apearintly Louis and Niall are still running, "I have a boyfriend, I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!" I cheer, as I slowly get out of my seat. I then realized I have to stay in the bloody wheel chair until crutches, "I have a broken foot, I have a broken foot!" I Mutter, going back into the seat.

"That is true, Bridget. I infact, was about to make you go back down." Liam said, with a tint of fear in his voice. We were soon joined by two out of breath girls. One with pretty golden brown curly hair, the other with silky brown hair, which was in a bun.

"Where... Girl... Ran... Louis?" The bun girl said. She must be Louis's girlfriend Niall, urm said they got friendly. 

"Sorry.. We... Ran... After dance.... Louis.. Niall... Chassing?" The other girl said, they must run after eachother alot. I mean the backstage at iTunes, now, must be because Niall could have some information on him. Or because from what I've seen Louis loves to tease. The girl goes over to Liam, and pecks him on the cheek. I give a confuesed look.

"Oh, let me introduce myself. I'm Eleanor Calder, Louis's Girl,  And this is my friend Danielle. You might have seen her dance... Intrestingly in 'Like A Dude' muisc video." The bun says again. I look over to the curly haired girl, and she's blushing.

"Yeah, if you saw that... The dance for me wasn't my choice. I'm also known as Liam's girlfriend. Well, Ex and then he took me back. Danielle Peazer's the name." She says holding out her hand. I gladly take it, and Niall and Louis come back.

"Well, doctor says Bridget can go. And we really would like to take the offer, considering all the paps and fans are trying to bust in." Louis whispered, so all of us could hear. "Niall, how did you find out about...ELEANOR!" He leaves a skid mark on the floor and jumps into Eleanor's arms. He pecks her on the lips and gets down. She whispers to him, probably asking what Niall said, then she turns to me and gives an embaressed look.

"Oh my gosh, guys I see flashes around the corner! Come on, I came here with a broken arm before. There's a door in the back." Danielle says, grabbing Liam's hand and running out before us. Niall takes my wheel chair as we break for the wheel chair ramp.

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