When You Look Me In The Eyes

our fan fiction


10. Is this real?


Niall's POV

I didn't hesitate with making the move of kissing her. It's something that I've been wanting to do since I laid eyes on her at boot camp. But that was only two years ago. I instintly pulled away, knowing she's fragile. Why do you think she blacked out?

"I'm.. I'm so sorry Bridge, I just liked you for so long, my mind never went off about-" I ramble, but she surprises me by kissing me back. After a bit of smooching, which haha, I didn't get tired of. I was closing my eyes, of course, and I saw bright flashes of lights. The paps.

"Ohh, crappidy-crap-crap! My mother is so strict, even if I don't come home from a friend's by 11 she grounds me! I can't imagine what my mum would do to me if she found out I was lip-locking with a superstar!" Bridget wails, which, she still is adorible when she's frantic.

"Niall, over here! Does Zayn know you're here with the girl!? Will he abuse you too?! Niall, Over here!" The paps shoot at me, giving all they got. Seriously, it's just sad. I take her hand, and run as far as we can. We stop at a dump, and Bridget quietly wails in pain.

"What's wrong?" I ask, rubbing circles into her back. She points to her foot, and it has bruises, cuts, and it's barefoot. It's really swollen, and it could be broken. I slowly make my hand touch it,  and she winces.

"I think it's broken!" She crys. I go into freak mode, and panic. "What if the paps find us? Will they think I abused you?! How will I tell the boys about the foot?! Does your mum hunt the Irish!?" I rant, pacing as quiet as possible.

I glance at Bridget, and she looks like she could puke. She is so pale, and wailing, when she tries to touch her foot. "I know! I'll call Paul, he'll know what to do!" I exclaim, taking my phone out. I scroll through the contacts, and instantly hit Paul. "OH MY GOSH!" I exclaim, as I see Bridget black out.

Bridget's POV

Paps found us. Holy crap my mother will kill me if she saw this on the news! Niall takes my hand and we start running as far away as we can. When we passed a dump, I felt a sharp jerk in my foot causing me to fall. I quietly wail in pain cause it was so painful.

Niall came rushing over to me. "What's wrong?" He asks while rubbing circles in my back trying to calm me down. Then he sees my possibly broken foot, and his eyes widen. He slowly puts his hand on it, but it causes even more pain that I wince.

"I think it's broken!" I cry trying to stay as calm as I can. But Niall goes all haywire and starts to panic.

"What if the paps find us? Will they think I abused you?! How will I tell the boys about the foot?! Does your mum hunt the Irish?!" He rants.

I was getting really light-headed. I felt like I was going to puke. I was losing conciousness. This was making me really sick. The last thing I remember hearing and seeing was Niall pulling out his phone and saying, "I know! I'll call Paul, he'll know what to do!" And then, just like Simon's house two years ago, I see stars and black out. I should have told him before.

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