When You Look Me In The Eyes

our fan fiction


17. Important author's note!!


 Hello guys! Wazzup!? So, um.. Most of you might not be so happy about this, but me and Maddie were thinking to end it. Well, sort of are planning on too. We're just not into it.. Sooooooooo sorry! But not to fear, they'll be happy. Most likely. Erm, I feel as if we're loosing viewers, and well loosing... Myself. I haven't really updated anything whatsoever in the last... 2 months at least! I really lurve you guys but, not the story.. I'm sorry I'm so sucky! :( I'll hand it over to Maddie for now. It's Camille, signing off.


Raggedy Apple:

Hey! So picking off with what Camille said, yes we are sort of planning to end the story. We just aren't feeling the story anymore. It's hard to try and figure out what will happen next. And whenever I feel like I have an idea for this story, I lose it. But there will be a happy ending (we're working on it). We will try again in the future with a new story, but there won't be a sequel to this. Knowing that it's been eight months since I first talked to Camille and since we started this story (yes, eight months, but who's counting? Not me), I've come to know her not as a co-author, but as a friend. So this is Maddie signing off, and Dexter the owl, we miss you!

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