When You Look Me In The Eyes

our fan fiction


18. Goodbye

Bridget's P.O.V


 "Babe, your turn to wake up the Mofos," Niall told me. "I did it the last three nights."

 I groan, and pull my covers off my body. My precious little monsters need waking. Hey, I feel like a zombie, I teased myself. I probably look like one, too. Which one to wake up... Eh, Why not all of them. Who needs dreams anyways. I stand square in the middle of the hallway, combining the three bedrooms.

 "WAKE UP, YOU NUT JOBS I GOT PANCAKES ON THE STOVE, AND THEY'RE NOT GONNA EAT THEMSELVES!!" I yell, frightening my children. They get over it soon, and join the giggles coming from Niall and I's room. The sweet melodies of my loved ones.

Maybe about ten years ago, if someone went up to me and said "Bridget Liddle, you're going to audition for X-Factor, meet a soon to be famous boy band member, black out on live television and leave the competition, sing at the ITunes Music Festival as a sort of opening act for a British-Irish boy band you hate where your X-Factor buddy is in that band, break your ankle running away from paparazzi, date Niall Horan who is your X-Factor buddy, break up with him after an hour, he almost commits suicide because he's devastated from the break-up, have to choose whether or not to take him back, and you do, date him for a long time, get married, and have two kids." Then I probably would've said, "Never in a million years will that happen to me!" 

But it did. 

The doorbell rings, and I quickly put on my Mickey Mouse robe. Niall gave it to me, when we went to Disneyland last year. I run down the stairs, and unlock the door. I open it up, and two ladies are standing there. "I told you, Maddie, I knew they lived here!" One says, looking around the room. She has brown hair, and green eyes. She's also pretty skinny. She looks younger than the other one.

 "Camille, mind your manners, she's in front of us," She looks up at me, her blond hair in her eyes. "Oh, you look so beautiful Bridget! Hi, I'm Maddie." This one has blond hair and brown eyes.

 "And I'm Camille. We, uh, kinda made you..." The brunette says.

Excuse me, I am not adopted. Who are these people?

"Um?" I crunch the robe a bit in my hand. "Babe, Niall, come down will ya?"

Niall comes down with an umbrella,  "Bridge, what's up? The kids okay? Is there-" He meets eyes with the two women.


"Camille, what did I tell you on the plane?" Maddie says sternly.

"Crazy nice is the only crazy I should be." She sighs.

"Babe, back up. Why should I thank you?" Niall says. 

"Well, um, you're kinda in a.. Movella that we created. We set you up with Bridget. Camille was thinking Harry, but there is too many of him." Maddie explains.

They talk more about this thing called a, 'fanfic', which is where they can't be with the band, so they make us do it. It usually ends with a pregnacy, a break up, or a sequal. Niall and I have made an agreement.


 When He Looked Me in the Eyes, we both knew our story ended here. We loved going on an adventure with you all. We love you so much.


"Oh, Maddie, it's over!" Camille sobs.

"It's fine, we'll probably do another story."


"I promise."

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