When You Look Me In The Eyes

our fan fiction


1. Going To The iTunes Festival

Bridget's P.O.V

   I wake up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock. I smash a pillow at it and get up. I walk up, obviously not wanting to get ready for the day, to my drawer and find a bunny with a mustach tee that says, "I'm a hairy hair" and some skinny jeans. I grab a black sparkly beanie to drape over my blonde wavy hair and some white bangels and look in the mirror, "I am Bridget Liddle and I am going to kick butt today." I say that everyday because, I was bullied when I tried out for the X-factor and didn't make it any farther than the judges house, I met Cher Loyd and she was really nice, but she won't remember a nobody like me. I also made nice little friendship with this nice boy named Niall, but I think he won, he won't remember a first one-outer like yours truley.

I slap myself meantily and get back to reality, "Bridg! snap out of it and get some breakfast" I think. I skip downstairs to only find my little 12 year old brother scarfing down food like a pig, "Attractive." I mumble loud enough for David my brother to hear. He snorts, then gobbles on as if he didn't hear me. I manage to make some pancakes and sryup without him sniffing into it. That kid.. I eat my breakfeast and make 5 more pancakes for the rest of my family, leaving it in the open knowing at least David, would sniff out the sryup and at least call my parents for food.

I drive to the iTunes festival in my tan minivan, wanting to get really early beacause a group named "One Direction" were performing and alot of teen girls would want to see them. I know this, because my 10 year old sister pretty much worships them, ah, lets see Noall, Lewis, Harry, Liahm and, uh, Wayn? I do not know them, or their faces, but I really don't care for them. Maybe if my friend, and sister weren't so obsessed I would bother to at least look at a picture. But nada, I do not want people to think i'm a fan, because they would only yet, talk MORE about them.

 I realize i've been thinking to myself whenever, I am in trafic, have I been thinking to myself for this long? CRAP! I must have kept going straight, and now i'm probably in another part of town which will at least 30 minutes to get around trafic and then 1 hour and a half to get into the iTunes lot then probably 45 minutes to walk to the stage! The iTunes fetaville starts at noon! It's 9:04 so i'll get there at... 11:49! Just great! Oh well, I decide to turn on the radio. "I'm glad you came, came, came" A song ends and then the annoying guy just talks and talks and talks. I sigh and start to text Alissa, my kinda friend from school. "Traffi- wait its letting up tlk with u l8er ~Bridge 8)" I send, yes I do use text slang. I pull up to the light, and turn the opposite direction.



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